Help community epidemic prevention! Hunan Women's prison volunteer service team was officially established

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help community epidemic prevention hunan

Group photo of volunteer service team .

Red net time 8 month 11 - ( The reporter Xiao Yinuo correspondent Peng Yi ) To fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia , Guard the safety of the family area of women's prison in Hunan Province ,8 month 11 The morning of , Hunan Women's prison volunteer service team was officially established at the call of the provincial women's prison retirement office and Jindun community .

From the issuance of the volunteer recruitment notice to the formal establishment of the volunteer service team , Less than 24 Hours . The existing members of the service team 20 people , They are retired cadres and workers of Hunan Women's prison , At the same time, he is also a community grid volunteer , At present, the body temperature of the personnel entering the community is measured and measured mainly at the door post of the family area of the provincial women's prison “ Two yards ” Inspection .

“ Retirement does not fade ! I didn't know how to check before ‘ Two yards ’, Or ask young volunteers in the community to help , Now it's my turn to serve you , I'm happy, too .” Aunt bear said .

Under the joint construction and sharing of communities and units under jurisdiction ,“ Ask for Volunteers , Have time to volunteer ” A good atmosphere gradually formed . After the outbreak , These volunteers will also devote themselves to the work of Jindun community “ Clean gold shield ”“ Love and respect the old ”“ Fire safety hundred day operation ”“ Guard against telecommunications fraud ” In volunteer work .

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