Tandu Town, Linxiang City: the octogenarian set an example and the vaccination was fully covered

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tandu town linxiang city octogenarian

Sun Yuanliang, a villager in Wanfeng village, tandu Town, Linxiang City, is being vaccinated .

Red net moment Yueyang 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Xu tie ) In recent days, , Two health centers in tandu Town, Linxiang city welcomed a group of “ Special vaccinators ”—— The elderly , Some of them are veteran comrades who have been in the party for many years , Some are family members of Party members and cadres , There are also many old people who take the initiative to sign up when they know the news . They took the lead 、 Take the lead , Give full play to the exemplary and leading role , A good demonstration of novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccination in tando town .

“80 after ” Senior party member Li Maosheng , She is the mother of Yu Qingquan, the retired village secretary of Nongsheng village, tandu town , Since the launch of comprehensive vaccination , Yu Qingquan responded to the call at the first time , After completing the vaccination early “ Back to work ”, Cooperate with the lower group of town and village cadres to mobilize the masses to vaccinate .

“ The country beat more than one billion people , I did it myself , There is no discomfort in the body , Everyone must be vaccinated , Let relatives and friends rest assured .” Yu Qingquan not only actively persuades others , And vaccinate with his family ,8 month 10 Day early in the morning , He took his mother to the town health center , On site consultation and confirmation , Medical staff think that the old man is old but healthy , No symptoms , After meeting the vaccination conditions , Arrange vaccination for the elderly , And do a good job in service guarantee such as stay observation , Ensure that the elderly have no adverse reactions , It has been unanimously recognized and praised by the personnel present .

The elderly sun Yuanliang and Yu Laixi are villagers of Wanfeng village, tandu town , I always wanted to get vaccinated , But because of old age , There are some concerns about vaccination , Under the detailed description of contraindications by village cadres , Compare your physical condition , Determined to vaccinate .

The two elderly people are far away from the health center , It's inconvenient to travel , When the village learned about the situation , Organize vehicles immediately , Send the two old people to the town health center for vaccination , And accompany the whole process to provide good service , The medical staff patiently asked the old man's past medical history and recent physical condition , Make sure the old man's physical condition can be vaccinated , And guide the elderly to sign informed consent , Tell the precautions after vaccination , The first vaccination for the elderly .

“ No feeling , Very safe , Don't worry .” After vaccination back to the village , The two old people did not forget to publicize the intimate service and good vaccination experience of village cadres to their neighbors , Guide them to take the initiative to vaccinate . Driven by them , The progress of vaccination in tandu town has been significantly accelerated , only 8 month 10 Nearly... Were vaccinated on the th 1000 More than one , Contribute to building a national immunization barrier .

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