Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League condolence war "epidemic" front-line young volunteers

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Condolences to the scene .

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in this round , The majority of young people in Xiangtan City responded positively to the call of the Youth League Municipal Committee , Actively join the youth volunteer team , The whole city 3500 More than young volunteers quickly gathered in the war “ Epidemic disease ” the first line , Participate in voluntary service for 1.4 Thousands of people .8 month 9 The morning of , He Tao, Secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Party committee of the Communist Youth League, and his party went to war “ Epidemic disease ” Front line visits and condolences to young volunteers , Send them fruit 、 drinking water 、 Self heating rice and other love materials .

The condolences group went to the gymnasium of Xiangtan University for nucleic acid detection “ Shelter ” Sampling point 、 Xiangda community, Xianfeng street, Yuhu District 、 Nucleic acid detection in gymnasium of Hunan Institute of engineering “ Shelter ” Sampling point and Xiangjiatang community, Xiacheng street, Yuetang district , Learn more about volunteerism , Fight for young volunteers 、 Fighting the heat , Anti epidemic situation 、 Diligent service , Stick to the post 、 Praise the spirit of silent dedication , Call on young volunteers to continue to maintain high morale , Do a good job in prevention and control , And told the volunteers to do a good job in personal protection .( correspondent Huang Xiaoge )

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