"Each of you is the baby of the hospital!" 67 medical team members received special gifts

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baby hospital medical team members

Bring concern to “ In front of the ” The soldiers !

The team members are happy to receive the love gift bag .

Red net time 8 month 11 - ( The reporter Zhang Meng He Qing correspondent Zhou Jinrong )8 month 11 Japan , Carefully prepared by Hunan Provincial People's hospital “ Five ones ” Love gift bag , Loading from Changsha to Zhangjiajie early in the morning . At noon, ,67 All the medical team members were pleasantly surprised to receive this special gift .

So far , Hunan Provincial People's hospital sent a total of medical personnel, including 、 Sense of hospital 、 equipment 、 test 、 Nursing and other posts and professional 67 Medical staff support Zhangjiajie . They braved the scorching sun 、 War heat , Stick to the front line of anti epidemic , To guard “ International Zhang ” Contribute . The players are “ Front ”, Hospital leaders and colleagues are always concerned about them . A letter of sympathy , A Chinese medicine bag , A box of summer tea , A quick drying suit , A small dessert , this “ Five ones ” The love package is handled by the hospital 、 Medical Administration Division 、 Labour Union 、 Medical equipment department 、 Department of health medicine 、 Party office 、 Logistics service department 、 The pharmacy department and others carefully prepared to buy .

“ Each of you is the baby of the hospital ! I hope you will complete the task at the same time , Drink good water , Have a good meal , Have a good sleep , Protect yourself .” Party secretary Tang Jianming 、 President Tan Lihong brought cordial care to everyone in the letter of sympathy .

“ It's so warm !” The team members are happy to bask in the love from the hospital family in the circle of friends .“ The hospital is our strong rear , We must live up to our mission , Complete the task successfully ”, Peng Jingjing, leader of the nucleic acid collection team, said .

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