The "state-owned enterprise group army" in Hunan has played a national role

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state-owned state owned enterprise group

Employees of Hunan Airport Group are packing aid materials , Ready to send to Zhangjiajie .

Red net reporter Chen Xuehua Changsha report

Anti epidemic is a national war , Only all fronts work together , Tie up the gap of joint prevention and control , To win as soon as possible .

After the outbreak of Nanjing Lukou Airport spill , Hunan's state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises deployed urgently at the first time 、 Full mobilization , A collective defense war was launched to stop the epidemic .

First time conditioned reflex : Send multiple instructions in succession

8 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 when , epidemic prevention 、 Zhangjiajie airport with urgent living materials , Two trucks loaded with love materials .

This is a special support team sent by Hunan Airport Group , Passing day 6 A long journey of more than hours , They brought nearly 6 Tons of supplies , Including isolation clothes 、N95 masks 、 Disposable medical protective cap 、 Face screen 、 Medical alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials 23500 More than , also 1 Tons of fresh meat and poultry 、 Vegetables, fruits and other living materials .

“ This is really a timely help , State owned enterprises can always give us strength at the most critical time .” A local netizen commented that , This batch of materials will greatly alleviate the current material supply shortage of Zhangjiajie Airport 、 The situation of inconvenient procurement .

Time passes to 14 Days ago, .

7 month 26 Japan , In some institutions and enterprises, it is still in “ ignorant ” In the state of , Hunan Airport Group has launched the emergency management plan , A number of epidemic prevention and control instructions have been issued continuously .

The first instruction Clear requirements “ Leading cadres at all levels should go deep into the grass-roots level 、 Forward command , Weave a tight and firm line of defense for epidemic prevention and control , Continuous assurance ‘ Three zeros ’ The goal is ”.

The second instruction “ A periodic nucleic acid detection system should be established ”, The instruction requires high-frequency nucleic acid detection for personnel in key posts , It also stipulates that people who have a history of living in epidemic areas 、 Employees with contact history , Suspend all work , Keep away from other people , And implement the report 、 Isolation and other control measures .

The third instruction yes “ Strengthen the guarantee of inbound flights ”, It is stipulated that relevant personnel directly serving international inbound passengers at the airport , Must follow “ IV. designation ” Require management —— Designated staff 、 Service Area 、 Rest area 、 Luggage car and ferry car ; For staff who have direct contact with imported goods , Must follow “ 4. Fixation ” Require management —— Fixed operators 、 Work site 、 Production equipment and rest areas .

When Zhangjiajie airport receives epidemic prevention and living materials , play “ Unity is strength , Overcome all difficulties ” Slogan .

In a number of prevention and control directives , Hunan Airport Group especially emphasizes “ Take personal protection as the top priority of hidden danger investigation ”, At the same time, the Party committee shall be established 、 General Party branch 、 The Party branch 、 Four level protection net for Party members , To implement “ Four morning ”( Early discovery 、 Early report 、 Early isolation 、 Early treatment ) requirement , And set up “ Party commandos ”、 To set up “ Party member pioneer post ”、 establish “ Temporary Party branch ”, Special response to urgent, dangerous and heavy tasks .

Strictly implement “ Four don't work ” The system    Strengthen front-line supervision

stay 30 Among the more than provincial supervised enterprises , Except Hunan Airport Group , Hunan Expressway group responded particularly quickly to the epidemic prevention and control .

As early as 7 month 21 Japan , Hunan Expressway Group started the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control . same day , The headquarters of the group company and its subsidiaries are responsible for the company 、 The personnel of the Department conducted a comprehensive investigation .

High speed group has many and scattered employees , The intensity of work can be imagined .

The reporter still remembers , Last year, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hunan Province held 2020 At the economic operation analysis meeting in the first half of the year , Secretary of the Party committee of Hunan Expressway Group 、 Chairman Ma Jie once used “ Income cut off , Severe loss ” To describe the impact of the epidemic at that time . therefore , The high-speed group responded so decisively and quickly , Because epidemic prevention and control can no longer afford to lose ,“ No link can go wrong , Especially the high-speed group, which has a large number of employees 、 Units requiring multilateral operations , They maintain high vigilance and high fighting spirit , It's a matter of course ”.

Tactically , Hunan Expressway Group took an overall attack this time : Comprehensive investigation , Early disposal ; To the point , be strictly on guard and defend to the last ; Strictly control activities , Reduce aggregation ; Support materials , Strengthen linkage ; Combining special supervision and dispatching to pay attention to prevention and control .

The toll station of Puji center of Changsha branch of Hunan Expressway Group has jointly established epidemic prevention and control monitoring points with multiple departments ,24 On duty every hour .

In order to ensure that the front-line soil protection is in place , Each operation branch of the expressway group arranges road production team members 24 Hold on for hours , Continuous patrol , Health monitoring shall be carried out daily for the personnel on duty in the service area and toll station , Strictly implement “ Four don't work ” The system —— high 、 Returnees from medium risk areas shall not work without isolation 、 Do not work without temperature monitoring 、 If the body temperature monitoring is unqualified, you shall not work 、 Do not go to work without wearing masks and other protective articles .

The most difficult thing is the project construction site , The people here are complicated , Vulnerable to prevention and control loopholes . The expressway group quickly took a series of countermeasures : Comprehensively find out the origin of migrant workers , Establish migrant workers' health account , Strengthen monitoring every day , Reduce the number of teams accordingly , Eat at the wrong time , Reduce aggregation risk .

In terms of material support , All units of the expressway group raised masks in three days 147 Thousands of multiple , glove 43 More than 10000 pairs , Liquid soap 、 alcohol 、 Disinfectant, etc 4 Ten thousand bottles , Protective clothing 190 set 、 The temperature measuring gun is close to 600 hold . In order to ensure that epidemic prevention and control are in place , The high speed group has also established 7 A steering group , Go to the anti epidemic front line for supervision and guidance .

Strive to be the vanguard of support   Be good at emergency and stability

Other companies are equally quick to .

Hunan Construction Engineering Group has projects all over the country and overseas , Frequent personnel exchanges , Especially some project managers , go by the name of “ Frequent flyers in the air ”, These factors have increased the difficulty of epidemic prevention and control to some extent .

8 month 2 The morning of , Hunan Construction Engineering Group held a meeting to urgently deploy epidemic prevention and control , The first time from the group headquarters 、 Subsidiary company 、 Project Department 、 Overseas institutions have defined the guidance and control measures for epidemic prevention and control at four levels . When issuing the instructions, the Party committee of Hunan Construction Engineering Group specially stressed the need to strengthen “ overall situation ”, All subsidiaries and project departments are required to obey the Party committee of the group 、 Management of epidemic prevention and control leading group , And obey territorial management , Form a joint force for epidemic prevention and control .

8 month 10 The morning of ,34 The car is full of 100 A large truck with a set of high-tech intelligent module emergency isolation cabin moves forward slowly , Officially launched the front line of anti epidemic in Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie . This is the support of Hunan Construction Engineering Group to fight the epidemic in Zhangjiajie “ Secret weapon ”: This batch of modular emergency isolation compartments has fast moving function 、 Green and durable 、 Temporary isolation is characterized by strong mobility . China Construction Engineering Group will promote science and technology to strengthen enterprises 、 The of prospering enterprises through science and technology “ Wisdom results ” It has been properly applied to the front line of anti epidemic .

Hunan Construction Engineering Group will build high-tech intelligent module emergency isolation cabin , Transported to Zhangjiajie to support the fight against the epidemic .

The war ,“ Grain and grass ” Must be well prepared , The anti epidemic group army of Hunan state-owned enterprises is fighting for logistics support , Also determined to win .

After the outbreak , To make everyone eat clean 、 Safe salt , Hunan Light Industry and salt industry group quickly distributed nearly one million medical masks to front-line employees , And organize and mobilize 14 Cities and states 115 platform “ Party pioneer car ” And a large number of young volunteers , Rush to the front line at the first time , Timely guarantee large supermarkets 、 Salt supply in hotels and rural outlets , And donated epidemic prevention materials to many communities .

In Zhangjiajie , Xuetian salt group branch shouted for the first time “ Guarantee the supply and stabilize the price ” The slogan of the , They set 9 A party member demonstration post , Introduction 7 Taiwan Party pioneer car , Carry out... For all designated large insurance providers “ Check inventory 、 Check the price 、 Urge replenishment ” action , Make sure the salt supply is in place . Xiangtan branch ensures that the products of salt supply outlets are sufficient at the same time , He also donated masks to the Panlong community where the company is located 3000 And disinfection materials . Changde branch established the vanguard of Party members with the branch as the unit 3 individual , Epidemic insurance for Pioneer vehicles 11 car , Make every effort to ensure normal transportation and distribution and market stability .

Aid and donations    Shoulder the mission of public welfare responsibility

Special period , Ensuring production and development is also an urgent task for many enterprises .8 Since the month , The motors and other products to be delivered by Xiangdian group have reached 3000 More sets , Ushered in the peak of production and delivery . This coincides with the spread of the epidemic , What do I do ?

The leading group for epidemic prevention and control of Xiangdian group took urgent action , except “ Two yards ” Screening and stopping all kinds of large-scale meetings and group activities , Unified purchase at the first time 5 Ten thousand masks and disinfectants , Fully disinfect the plant . Complete the production task with quality and quantity , Xiangdian group attaches great importance to improving the refinement level of production organization , Made a detailed production plan , Clarify responsibilities and division of labor . Among them, the production task of Xiangdian motor division is very arduous , The front-line staff completed the general assembly of two motors in a short time 、 Test and other processes , All completed on 8 month 8 Sent to Korea on the th , Fulfilled the promise of a state-owned enterprise on time in front of overseas peers .

The implementation of every major national strategy ( Such as poverty alleviation ), Every time the people encounter major disasters and dangerous situations ( Such as anti epidemic ), State owned enterprises will rush to the front line , Undertake many public welfare missions and responsibilities .

The fight against the epidemic is no exception , Many units in Hunan provincial regulatory enterprises have carried the banner of assistance and donation .

Such as 8 month 5 Japan , Chenzhou Mining of Hunan Gold Group is not rich in epidemic prevention materials , Donate masks to lumingxi village, Tujia Township, Yuanling County, near Changde 、 Temperature gun 、 Ethanol disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials .

Gold Group Chenzhou Mining sent epidemic prevention materials to Tujia Township in Yuanling County .

8 month 6 Japan , The fifth company of Hunan Construction Engineering Group donated epidemic prevention funds to Lusong District, Zhuzhou City 20 Ten thousand yuan , After learning that there is a shortage of medical materials in the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Hetang District , The company also arranged the emergency procurement of Zhuzhou rehabilitation hospital 20000 individual N95 Medical protective mask 、500 A medical protective suit , To Hetang District Health Bureau , Contribute to the epidemic prevention and control of Zhuzhou City .

After the war against the epidemic started , Zhangjiajie branch of Hunan Expressway Group “ street lamp ” Volunteer team , Publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control for many days , It also sent sunstroke prevention to epidemic detection staff 、 Anti epidemic materials . High speed group G56 Taoyuan central station of Changde section of Hangzhou Ruizhou Expressway established a party member commando team , Provide masks and other materials free of charge to the past drivers and passengers on the site .

Several state-owned enterprises in Hunan have also established “ Youth commandos ”“ Youth volunteer team ”, Fighting at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic . They say “ The party has a call , The regiment has action ”, Carry the mission of League members at the critical moment , For example, youth commandos and volunteers led by the Youth League Committee of Hunan jiaoshui Construction Group , We have been fighting on the front line of prevention and control for days , The Youth League Committee of the fourth company of Hunan Construction Engineering Group took the initiative to contact the Qingzhi Association of Tianxin District , After learning that there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials , Donate now 18860 Yuan to purchase epidemic prevention materials and rush them to the front line of epidemic prevention in Tianxin District .

The Youth League Committee of Hunan SASAC group is under the leadership of the group Party committee , Organize... At the first time 、 Mobilize young League members to participate in the war of epidemic prevention and resistance , Guojin Xiangan and Wandai companies under the group were established respectively “ Youth commandos ” And the youth volunteer service team , stay 40 It is harmful to the plant at high temperature 、 Clean up the underground parking garage 、 general cleaning , And put up posters to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge , Distribute anti epidemic materials such as masks to staff , It has established a good image of state-owned enterprises among community residents .

Hunan jiaoshui construction Youth League Committee leads youth commandos and Youth Volunteers , Carry out epidemic prevention and control in the front line .

This team It's always a team that can go out at a critical time

Someone asked , What kind of team are state-owned enterprises ?

The reporter deeply felt , State owned enterprises are an active anti epidemic force on their own side , At the same time, I have to take out my family to support 、 A team that helps others .

It is a team that whenever the country and people encounter difficulties and dangers , They rushed to the front 、 A team that stresses dedication and the overall situation .

It is under the leadership of a party with faith and responsibility 、 A team with strict discipline and management .

Reporters found , In this battle of collective frontal charge of the state-owned enterprise group army , Hunan SASAC has also sent several supervision teams , Sink to the front line of the enterprise to guide and supervise the war . Such as 8 month 7 Japan , Li Yu, deputy head of the discipline inspection and supervision team of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in the provincial SASAC, and his party went to Hunan Construction Engineering Group to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control work ; On the same day , Gan Zhongrong, leader of the first group of epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection of SASAC, led the team , A group of five people went to Hunan modern agriculture group to supervise the war .

The group army of state-owned enterprises quickly assembled in the front line of anti epidemic from top to bottom , Why do they play so efficiently and accurately ? They are under double pressure , Why do you have no hesitation to support others ?

Reporters found , In addition to their own work attributes and business counterparts 、 In addition to the convenience of information collection , A very important reason , It is the risk prevention awareness and forward command of Hunan provincial Party committee and Hunan provincial government .

Sensitive to front-line information , Be strict with the organization to deal with , The wind blows , They immediately prepared for the battle , Such anti epidemic thinking , Obviously, it is also leading the field of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises in Hunan all the time .

There is the front command of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government , Some state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises started the group defense war , Together with the joint defense and control of all fronts in the province , I believe that Hunan will win the anti epidemic war at present .

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