Live directing and acting "dog blood drama" is really enough

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live directing acting dog blood

Some network anchors , Always be “ Short memory ”. According to the 《 Nanfang Metropolis Daily 》 reports , Recently, the female anchor of a short video platform was followed by a stranger in red with long hair , Crying for help from netizens in the live studio , Arouse concern . Many netizens who don't know the truth have dialed 110 Call the police . After receiving the news, the local police quickly dispatched the police to carry out a carpet search , It turns out that , This is a farce directed and performed by the female anchor in order to attract traffic .

again “ acting ”! I don't know. I'm really ignorant , Or pretend to be ignorant , In combination with several similar events staged by major short video live broadcasting platforms recently “ Dog blood drama ”, Some network anchors directed and performed on their own “ Sitcom ” show special preference to , This basically didn't run away . And tear open the skin of such farce and absurdity , The bottom is full of hype 、 Blog out 、 Deceive public feelings 、 Consumer trust and so on , Basic propriety, righteousness and shame 、 Public order and good custom 、 Business ethics , Almost completely discarded . Some people have no bottom line for traffic “ Despicable eating ”, Truth is deduced by oneself “ most incisive ”.

The Internet has memories , Whether it's Yin Shihang, who has millions of fans before , Because I often direct and act by myself “ Proposal farce ” Reported by hundreds of thousands of netizens , Final seal ; It's still noisy “ BMW's parking space is blocked by Land Rover 158 God ” event , Finally Land Rover owners “ Sister ton ” Squat down and leave ; Or netizens broke the news ,“ Former famous actor ” Xie Mengwei live broadcast “ Roadside rescue for the elderly ”, But because the performance trace is too thick 、 Clumsy , Accused of sparing no feathers …… The majority of Internet users have used their own attitudes and actions , Expressed the of such live farce “ Nausea and nausea ”.

However , Multi criticism , Everyone resents , Even “ Squat ” The lesson is at hand , Some network anchors are still inferior , Keep going to the public “ Rational muzzle ” Bump . A vulgar routine , Go back and forth tirelessly “ play ”; A terrible trick , Repeated with pleasure “ Play ”. Let the discerning see “ Embarrassing cancer ” Almost , Only they are complacent , Drenched . Try to ask , Who saw it and didn't want to make complaints about it? “ Over and over ”!

From the perspective of new media , Live broadcasting is really a good thing . Efficient communication and real-time interaction 、 Low threshold access standards and high penetration into all sectors of society , Undoubtedly, it is given to all people, especially the most humble grass-roots people in the secular vision, to show themselves 、 Opportunity and stage for self-development . Visible to the naked eye , We saw the live broadcast with goods, which promoted many people to become rich , Even saw the live rescue 、 The rise of low-cost rights protection , Live broadcasting seems to be more and more applicable , More and more people have tasted the live broadcast “ Big cake ” Sweetness .

But sadly , Low threshold for live broadcasting , It also leads to all kinds of cattle, ghosts, snakes and gods 、 Chaos of demons and monsters , And the misuse of short video live broadcast again and again , More alive “ The good scriptures are crooked ”. What needs to be vigilant is , such “ Misuse ”, Whether for the platform itself or the live broadcasting industry , Is a loss of trust resources 、 Corruption of goodwill . Take this time “ The female anchor cries for help in the live broadcast room ” For example , In addition to wasting police resources , The most indignant thing is that it dispels the public's goodwill and trust . After all ,“ The Wolf is coming ” I've read too many stories , The public's trust is almost worn away , Next time, if you really meet someone for help in the live broadcast , Whether the majority of netizens will actively lend a helping hand , It's worth a question mark .

Internet age , Flow logic , You can understand . however , Eyes only flow 、 Only the interests , No respect for morality and ethics , Lack of awe of rules and order , This is not the atmosphere of the industry , Nor can social civilization tolerate “ scale ”.

Touch the bottom line 、 Rule breakers ,“ Zero tolerance ” Can only be the only attitude . Combined with past cases , Self directed and self performed live farce , If the impact is bad enough , Then the relevant parties should make full efforts to punish , The account number should be sealed , The party concerned should be detained , Never drag on . Besides , The audience should also enhance their own taste , Show consistent integrity , If you see similar live broadcast actions or signs on relevant platforms , The report of the report , What should be black . Anchoring the right values , Cohesive multi-party force , All unhealthy tendencies in the live broadcasting industry , It is possible to be completely drowned under the civilized water level of society .

writing / Xu Hongxin ( Zhengzhou University )

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