Find the balance between sports and entertainment and make national sports become a common practice

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In recent days, , All the Chinese Olympic athletes returned home safely , And released many sports isolated in the hotel vlog. In the video , Trampoline champion Zhu Xueying , Use yoga mats in hotels 、 Yoga balls and even indoor Mini trampolines ; Swimming champion Wang Shun also generously showed his strong figure , Did some unarmed fitness exercises …… Many netizens were shocked : It turns out that the athletes are also very interesting .

The Tokyo Olympics are over , The impact of the Olympic Games is still lingering . The good news is , More and more people's views on Olympic athletes are beginning to change , People no longer focus all their attention on their medals and honors , But for their lives 、 Interested in learning more .

The most essential purpose of the Olympic Games is to set off the wind of national sports . Obviously , Athletes are isolated in the hotel , Also publish campaigns vlog, Indeed played a leading role .

From the hot Olympics , To the national movement , Sports entertainment is often indispensable in the middle . In today's highly developed network , Many athletes have gained a lot of fans by their personality charm and excellent professional skills , Many athletes have since embarked on the road of sports entertainment . But for sports entertainment , We should have a clear understanding . Sports entertainment , It means that many athletes need to enter the context of fan culture . This is the time , If they and their team are not ready , The change of environment and public opinion will directly affect their sports performance .

Why do some people hold a negative attitude towards sports entertainment , This is because entertainment is often put in a derogatory context . Sports are in our hearts , Always a sacred and inviolable existence . And as we can see , The cultural level and moral quality of some employees in the entertainment industry are open to discussion . The masses are even used to it . This will also make people skeptical about the entertainment of sports .

So finding the balance between sports and entertainment is very important . After finding this balance , Olympic athletes can better publicize the professional knowledge of sports , And make the sports spirit carry forward , Ordinary people will also have a more comprehensive understanding of various sports , And with a reasonable fan effect , The national movement is bound to become a common practice .

writing / Zhang Ziyan ( Jinan university )

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