Wulingyuan novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters forty-third dispatch meeting

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wulingyuan novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic

Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Xiang Yongtang )8 month 11 Friday night , The novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Center was chaired by Zhang Gong, Secretary of the Wulingyuan District Committee 43 This scheduling meeting . District Leader Wu Yuping 、 Xie Guixiang 、 Qu Hui 、 Li Wei 、 Xie muqiang 、 Kang Fenghui 、 Dong Bo 、 Dong Funing 、 Zhuo Qiuai 、 Qin Jinting 、 Wan Qisong 、 Tang Huimin 、 Pan Yong 、 Tang Li 、 Gong Xinglong 、 Li Xiangyao attended the meeting .

The meeting stressed , We should thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting on epidemic prevention and control in the city , Do a good job in the current work with a more strict and practical style , Fight and win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control . To accurately touch the row , Strictly implement the regulations ( The street ) Team members Baocun ( Community ) The system , Further verify the total number of people in the region , Ensure that accurate data are collected and discharged before the third round of whole city nucleic acid detection . Continue to guard “ Iron bucket ”、 Tie tight “ Pocket ”, All border checkpoints strictly restrict the entry of foreign personnel , The bayonet in the area shall be in accordance with “ One certificate, one person ” The standard strictly and carefully approves the relevant information , community 、 Patrol within the community , Stop going out without permission . We should strengthen the work of isolation points , The personnel to be released from isolation shall be planned in advance 、 formulate a scheme , Ensure that the procedures are complete when the isolation is removed 、 Process specification ; We should speed up the transformation of the newly set isolation points in Yongding District , Complete staff and carry out business training , Ensure timely operation . We should ensure key personnel , The front-line staff shall be regularly tested for nucleic acid , I have a cough 、 Fever and other symptoms shall be sent to the observation point for isolation observation at the first time . We should do a good job in tourist service , Strengthen the connection with the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters , Understand and master the relevant policies and requirements of tourists' return in time , Be patient and meticulous and do a good job in explanation .

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