Zhangjiajie Agricultural Bank of China dormitory community: Party branch construction leads Tongxin to fight the "epidemic"

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zhangjiajie agricultural bank china dormitory

Cell nucleic acid detection .

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Wang Yili Wang Xuefeng Liu Fei )1 individual 、2 individual 、3 individual ······68 individual ,1 Days time , The Party branch of the dormitory community of the Agricultural Bank of Zhangjiajie City has completed the fight against the epidemic 、 Volunteer duty personnel solicit .7 month 30 On the evening of the day , The community party branch quickly established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control , There is a prevention and control group 、 Life support group 、 Sanitation and disinfection group, etc 5 A set of , One led by the community party branch 、 party member 、 The epidemic prevention and control campaign participated by all volunteers and community owners began in an orderly manner .

Party building leads the gathering of people

An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . Facing the grim COVID-19 situation , Wang Jinzhong, Secretary of the Party branch of the community, overcomes the problem of having “ Alzheimer's disease ” The difficulties that the old people need to take care of , Give full play to the leading role of Party Building , Insist on “ the people ” Centered , On 7 month 31 The Party branch committee and the leaders of the Municipal Agricultural Bank of China, the responsible unit, studied and formulated the risk investigation plan 、 Bayonet watch 、 Sampling guide 、 Order maintenance 、 Service guarantee and other work measures . party member 、 Public officials 、 volunteer , Take the lead in implementing the decisions made by the branch . The building was completed in the first time 72 Households 139 The composition of people 、 Health code registration 、 Risk screening such as nucleic acid detection . The checkpoint attendant closed the access control system of the community , One entrance and one exit , implement 24 Hours 3 Shift system , In strict accordance with the city 、 Regulations of the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters , Carefully check the work permit of relevant personnel 、 Health code , Ensure closure management is in place . The living security group takes the building as the unit , Established a living group , Implement meter 、 oil 、 food 、 Fruits 、 Centralized procurement of drugs and other items 、 Distribution system . Sampling for nucleic acid detection , Party members and volunteers of the prevention and control team braved the scorching sun , Put up a sunshade tent , Mark the detection area 、 Station line of inspection waiting area , Ensure safe distance .

The transmission of love warms the heart

Ask for requirements in time , Guarantee the supply of materials .“ My family only has enough rice for one meal , What do I do ?”8 month 3 Japan , Someone sent a distress message in the group .7 month 31 Japan , The dormitory community of the Municipal Agricultural Bank of China implements closed management . Because the epidemic came quickly , The situation is tight , Many people do not have enough rice, rape and medicine , Isolation at home 2 To 3 Days later , There is a food shortage in some families 、 Drug shortage . You Jijun, a member of the Party branch, took the lead :“ A friend of mine has opened a trading company , His company is the designated material support unit determined by Yongding District , Everyone needs it , I can contact him , Delivery ”.“ I want to 1 Baomi 、3 Jins of flesh 、 A bottle of raw soy sauce ”“ I want flour 2 bag 、1 Oil barrel ”······ Party member Xu Ying 、 Deng wensong , Volunteer Zhang Hui took the initiative to connect offline and register online and offline , Summary , Procurement task . Volunteer Hu Rong “ sister ” Issued a fruit purchase order , How much fruit does each family need , purchase 、 classification 、 She was assigned the whole package . Some volunteers announced drug purchase phone numbers and wechat , Various drugs 、 The problem of disinfectant is solved . With the efforts of volunteers , The community has released pig feet 、 Pork purchase order 、 Native chicken purchase order , Water was released during the epidemic 、 electric 、 gas 、 Medical treatment policy , It solves the urgent needs of residents in the community 、 difficult 、 Worry 、 Look forward to things .

Health and epidemic prevention offer love

Prevention of New Coronavirus , Health and epidemic prevention are very important . Due to the closed management of the whole city , Disinfectant sprayer 、 Disinfectants cannot be purchased . Community party members 、 Zhu Jun, a staff member of the Municipal Agricultural Bank in the community, immediately contacted the Municipal Bank , Ask for support . After hearing the news, the Municipal Agricultural Bank of China , Disinfection supplies were sent , water 、 Instant noodles and other prevention and control support materials , And quickly connect with professional disinfection companies , Thoroughly disinfect the dormitory community of the Municipal Agricultural Bank of China every three days .75 The old guard Li Keqi is old and strong , Take the initiative to , Started the community disinfection task at other times .8 month 5 Japan , The area where the waste treatment station opposite the community is located is identified as a high-risk area , The garbage needs to be transferred to a further place for treatment , Party member long Xifan learned the news , Ask for war with the Party branch at the first time , Has undertaken the important task of assisting in the disposal of garbage . community 5 Secondary nucleic acid detection sampling , Wang Xuefeng, member of the prevention and control team 、 Peng Hongying 、 Qin Zhihua 、 Luodong , Volunteer Wang Qiyuan 、 Wang Yili and others braved the scorching sun , Take pains , Maintain sampling order 、 Check health code 、 Field disinfection , Avoid potential infection caused by excessive concentration of personnel .

The unity of the party and the masses shows the original intention

The Party branch insists on organizing and mobilizing the masses , Carry out the original mission in the front line of epidemic prevention and control . The Party branch of the community should pay attention to the publicity of epidemic prevention policy , Timely communication to the city 、 District 、 Community epidemic prevention and control policies , Actively transfer positive energy within the group , Send some encouraging words in time , Call on everyone to fight the epidemic 、 Overcome all difficulties . During closed management , Giving daily security may be simple , But take care of the emotions of all residents , Meeting the needs of all residents is very difficult . Individual people because of their travel documents 、 Health code verification 、 Problems such as vehicles entering the community , Conflict with community volunteers . Address existing problems , Researcher of Municipal Agricultural Bank of China 、 Party member Chen Guangcun held a meeting in time , Carry out many special studies . Person in charge of prevention and control 、 Party member Wang Jinzhong 、 Liu Fei called in time 、 Wechat communication , Resolve conflict risk , So that various prevention and control measures can be implemented in detail .“ There is no trivial matter in epidemic prevention and control , Adhere to the system , Things are not people , It will be supported by all the staff in the community .”, This is the principle that Party member Liu Fei adheres to in the prevention and control work .

A branch is a fortress , A party member is a flag . The branch adheres to the construction and guidance , Close mass relations ,36 Party members 、32 Mass volunteers took practical actions to build the most rigorous epidemic prevention and control system for the community “ Red line of Defense ”, Insist on “ People centered ”, Ensure people's life safety and health , The bright red party flag is flying high in the front line of epidemic prevention and control .

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