[epidemic prevention and control, discipline inspectors on the front line] (V): look at the hard core responsibility of the Iron Army against "epidemic"

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epidemic prevention control discipline inspectors

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An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . The present , The epidemic prevention and control work faces great challenges , The city's discipline inspection and supervision organs were moved by the order , Take out an iron will , Show discipline inspection “ Iron Man ” Style , Advance into the front line of anti epidemic , Carry out in-depth supervision and inspection on epidemic prevention and control , Urge and promote the implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures , Go all out to fight the epidemic . Let's take a look at this group of anti “ Epidemic disease ” The hard core of the Iron Army !

Fighting side by side “ Husband and wife file ”

“ Aunt , How many nucleic acid tests have you done ? When was the last time I did it ?” Li Sa, a cadre of the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision in the Municipal Bureau of finance, is going door-to-door to ask the villagers about the nucleic acid test . The addresses of the villagers in xiejiaya Township, Yongding District are scattered , The mountain road twists and turns , Remote places can't even be opened to traffic , In order to supervise nucleic acid testing, we should do everything possible 、 Do not omit the implementation of one person , Li Sa and the colleagues of the district and county patrol inspection Yongding group use the most “ original ” The best way is to go one by one , One by one .

In addition to nucleic acid testing , Material support is also an important link in the front of prevention and control . Mobile wechat groups pop up from time to time, and the masses reflect that there is a shortage of materials in a supermarket 、 Delivery delay message , It has become a heart disease of Li Sa . These days , He and his colleagues visited several large supermarkets and donated material reserve points in the urban area in the gap of supervising villages and towns .“ There's no problem with the supply , But the goods can't be transshipped , There are too many traffic restrictions , Most of them are fruits, vegetables, meat and other fresh materials , If it is not transported in, it may deteriorate ······” The manager of the supermarket is worried , Several other supply points also reflect similar problems . After understanding the crux of the material supply problem , Li Sa immediately reported to the inspection team , Less than two days after the problem was assigned , The standards of freight traffic control are more reasonable and perfect , The qualified pick-up driver also successfully handled the pass , The efficiency of material supply has been greatly improved .

In recent days, , Li Sa's residential area will be closed , Face home or continue “ Go to war ” The choice of , We should take out “ Stay dead and be young ” Your decision and “ Epidemic disease ” Death battle . But how to settle down with two children ? Li Sa's wife is a policeman of the municipal traffic police detachment , He is also a front-line fighter against the epidemic , Neither husband nor wife complained to the organization , After thinking about it, I decided to send the children to grandma's house through organization and coordination . No worries , Li Sa and his wife packed their bags and left their residence , Husband and wife pack light , Resist the enemy together .

24 Hours online “ The operator ”

“ Tinkling bell ......”8 month 10 Late at night , The telephone in the petition room of Yongding District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision suddenly rang , Chang Dan, a cadre in the petition room who just lay down, suddenly bounced up from the sofa , Another late night call .

“ ma'am , don't worry , Your feedback has been forwarded to the responsible department , Your accommodation will be fully guaranteed .” Through feedback to multiple responsible departments , Changdan successfully dredged the appeal channel for the detained petitioner . This is the third message she received that day 37 A phone call .

“ Colleagues who used to fight side by side were ordered one after another , Go to different supervision posts , I'm the only one left in the petition room ‘ Polished rod commander ’.” war “ Epidemic disease ” As soon as it starts , To devote yourself to the work of epidemic related letters and visits , Changdan took the initiative to pack his luggage , She left her six-year-old daughter and an old man over 70 , Move home to the office , Guarding a phone , When 24 Hours online at any time “ The operator ”.

Every day , In addition to receiving reports , And always answer questions and solve problems for the callers . These questions and appeals come to the petition room day and night , It involves almost all aspects of the current epidemic prevention and control , She was busy registering for inquiries 、 transmit to those above and those below , Deal with it late into the night every day .

in addition to , She also often takes time and energy to appease the extremely emotional callers .“ Out of fear of the epidemic , Some people have negative emotions , They have nowhere to sue , Will get through the letter call , I fully understand the worries and hesitations of the petitioner , Very willing to be their listener and comforter .” Chang Dan said , The epidemic does not leave the field , The hotline is not offline , I will stand by and stick to my post at any time .

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