The Baobao working group of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee once again went deep into WUJIAZUI community to offer condolences and guide epidemic prevention and control

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baobao working group publicity department

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Peng Xun Gu Xianghui )8 month 10 Japan , Peng Yi, deputy group leader of WUJIAZUI community working group of yanghuping Office of Yongding District of Baobao municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, and his party arrived at WUJIAZUI community , Sent to 8 Instant noodles 、7 Mineral water and other anti epidemic materials , Staff member Liu Yanghua said happily :“ What a timely rain , There are many staff and volunteers here , These supplies are needed .”

And then , The three members of the working group kept coming to several checkpoints in the community , Understand the duty situation of the level , Fully affirmed the work of several young staff on duty , Point out some loopholes face to face and require timely rectification .

The working group left again 10 More miles , Go deep into the relevant streets and groups of the community to inspect the epidemic prevention work , And participated in the sixth nucleic acid test in the community , Some non-standard operations were rectified in time , The test lasted until the early morning of the next day 5 spot ,1912 All people have been tested .

The community is adjacent to the only child rock resettlement community of qianshe community and two communities with confirmed cases, zhuyuanta village, Chongwen street , Therefore, the risk of prevention and control in this community is high , The superior leaders pay close attention to the community , Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee 、 Guo Tianbao, director of the propaganda department 、 Executive Vice Minister Huang Weihong went deep into the community for many times to investigate the epidemic prevention and control work , And timely studied the detailed plan of insurance work with the insurance staff and the person in charge of the community , Put forward “ be strictly on guard and defend to the last 、 Meticulous and serious 、 External defense input 、 Internal hidden danger ” The requirements of , Sent masks in batches 、 Patch 、 alcohol 、 Protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials .

At present, the community has 4 Two bayonets , Nucleic acid detection 2 Once a day , Door to door testing of the old, weak, sick and disabled ,8 month 11 An isolation zone was set up on the th , Facilitate the temporary resettlement of high-risk groups . After the outbreak in the neighboring village community , The community has conducted a comprehensive investigation , There are no close contacts , Community workers regularly kill public places , The whole community is now safe 、 smooth 、 Orderly .

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