Shuangxin village, Tujia Township, zhaojiagang, Cili County: Volunteers stick to the first line of grass-roots anti epidemic

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shuangxin village tujia township zhaojiagang

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Tian Yingchun )“ captain , Send meals to the monitoring point again ” The name of the person called captain is Qu Beiping , He is a volunteer in Shuangxin village, Tujia Township, zhaojiagang, Cili County , Since the outbreak , Qu Beiping donated value to Shuangxin village from his own pocket for the first time 2000 Yuan's epidemic prevention and control materials and living materials , And signed up for the volunteer team of Shuangxin village , From then on “ Red armband 、 Yellow vest ” The job of .

Qu Beiping took charge of the disinfection work of the whole village , And register the personnel who enter the office hall 、 Take your temperature ; After traffic control , He applied to be on duty at the monitoring point of the village , Publicize the current epidemic situation and epidemic prevention and control policies to passing vehicles and pedestrians , Guide the masses to implement epidemic prevention and control measures 、 Go out and wear a mask , Strictly implement “ Two yards 、 A survey 、 I. register ” Work , Build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control , Class one is 12 Hours . If it's the night shift , Qu Beiping will also act as a waiter during lunch and dinner , Send... To volunteers at each monitoring point “ Love lunch box ”.

In recent days, , Start the national nucleic acid detection and sampling work , There are many villagers , The site requirements for sampling points are relatively high , In order to better protect the safety of the masses , Qu Beiping applied to be a volunteer at the sampling site , Maintain order on site , Ensure personnel spacing 1 Meters above , Avoid cross infection . The data of national nucleic acid detection are numerous and miscellaneous , After sampling , The village still needs to count one by one , Do not miss a family 、 leave no one behind , Qu Beiping volunteered to help count the data , Actively cooperate with the village epidemic prevention and control .

Because Qu Beiping was the first to join the volunteer team , And the oldest , I'm familiar with the work in the village , So everyone acquiesced that he was the captain of the anti epidemic volunteer team in Shuangxin village ,“ captain ” Your reputation grew out of this .

There are many volunteers like Qu Beiping , Volunteer work may seem small to everyone , But the power of thousands of volunteers is earth shaking . It is they who are on duty day and night , Giving without consideration to return , Will let everyone have the safety awareness of reducing travel , This is it. “ group prevention and control ” The best way to express .

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