Yongding "war epidemic" | peace of mind "house" family does not worry about "food and drink"

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yongding war epidemic peace mind

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Zhu Lingyun )8 month 11 On the afternoon of Sunday , With “ Dong Dong Dong ” A knock on the door , He Wu from the food delivery service team of Huijing Mingdu community, Yongding District 、 Li Fengchun 、 Zhong Jianjun carried two bags of pork 、 egg 、 vegetables 、 Melon and fruit , Has reached the door of the ordering residents .“ The dishes you ordered yesterday have been delivered .” Scenes like this have often appeared recently .

Volunteers from the food delivery service are delivering supplies .

Huijing Mingdu community is located in guanliping street, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City , There are 300 Many households 、900 Many people . since 7 month 30 The Japanese community has implemented closed management so far , Many residents “ Reserve grain ” Almost finished , Ensuring basic living needs has become one of the most urgent tasks in the community .

“ We contacted Huigou fresh food supermarket and xianrenxi Mingzhong supermarket for centralized purchase , Send the menu of the day to the owner's wechat group , The orders of residents are collected by the head of each building , All orders will be summarized for purchase before 1:00 p.m .” Dai Haihua, head of the material procurement team, said ,“ Like pork 、 Green peppers 、 egg 、 tomatoes 、 cabbage 、 Winter melon, etc , The menu is very rich every day .” Besides , Residents can also buy fresh food at Huihui supermarket through the Internet 、 Sanxing supermarket, etc . In order to strictly implement closed management , After the materials ordered the next day arrive in the community , from 7 The food delivery service team delivers food from door to door in turn .

For households with difficulties , Many party members and community owners have extended a helping hand , Send them rice 、 oil 、 noodles 、 Vegetables and other living materials . Hu Jiayuan, a caring person, donated string beans to the residents of the community 、 Pepper each 400 Jin .

Food in hand , Not panic in the heart . Huijing Mingdu community has been formed to “ Community centralized procurement + Guaranteed supply enterprise + Delivery volunteers ” Based material procurement mode , Stable “ Vegetable basket ”“ Grain bags ”, It provides important material support for winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .

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