Heavy! Hunan provincial housing provident fund has issued new regulations. These changes are related to you

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heavy hunan provincial housing provident

Red net time 8 month 11 - ( The reporter Kangxi Yue Jin ) In recent days, , The housing provident fund management center of units directly under Hunan Province borrowed money from 、 hand in for safekeeping 、 Withdrawal and dishonesty management, etc 4 Announce the latest measures , The specific content of all business 、 Handling conditions 、 The handling process and accountability are covered . Today, , The reporter learned from the housing provident fund management center of units directly under Hunan Province , This is the first time that the provincial provident fund policy has been implemented in accordance with the normative document “ Three unifications ” requirement , Issued in the name of the provincial organ affairs administration , Enhanced the authority of the policy . The provincial organ affairs administration is responsible for the above 4 The changes in the latest methods published in the aspect are interpreted .

The loan : The worker's family has 144 Housing of square meters and above No loan for house purchase

According to the latest document , When employees apply for housing provident fund loans , Will need to deposit normally “6 Months ” Adjusted for “12 Months ”.

Besides , The maximum loan limit has also been adjusted . Calculation formula of maximum loan limit , from “ loan limit =( Monthly deposit of housing provident fund ×12× Future deposit period + Housing provident fund individual account balance )×2” Adjusted for “ loan limit =( The balance of the borrower's housing provident fund account + Spouse housing provident fund account balance )×N(N Determined according to the individual loan rate ,2021 Years for 15)”.

It is worth noting that , The existing property right area of a set of housing for employee families exceeds 144 Square meters , No loan for house purchase .

extract : After handling provident fund loans, only loan repayment and withdrawal are supported

Document content display , In terms of withdrawal of provident fund , Buy 、 build 、 Reconstruction 、 Overhaul extraction is limited to 2 Time , It is no longer limited to house purchase 2 Time .

Besides , After the housing provident fund loan, you can only repay the loan , The first house is a housing provident fund loan, and the house purchase withdrawal cannot be handled .

Buy 、 build 、 Reconstruction 、 overhaul 、 The withdrawal of housing provident fund for loan repayment is limited to families 3 Within sets . At the same time, cancel the minimum amount of rental withdrawal .

hand in for safekeeping : The minimum deposit proportion of provincial housing provident fund has been reduced to 5%

according to 《 Measures for the administration of housing provident fund payment and deposit of units directly under Hunan Province 》, The deposit proportion of housing provident fund shall be determined by the unit according to economic benefits , The minimum deposit ratio is determined by 8% Down to 5%, Maximum deposit ratio 12% Remain unchanged .

It is clear that the settlement year of housing provident fund is... Every year 7 month 1 The next year 6 month 30 Japan , And the provisions on the annual review of housing provident fund have been cancelled .

Dishonesty management : The dishonest person may be in 2 to 5 The withdrawal of provident fund cannot be handled within the year 、 Loans and other businesses

《 Measures for the administration of dishonesty of housing provident fund of units directly under Hunan Province 》 I mentioned , Put the superior supervisor 、 The regulatory authorities shall integrate the relevant provisions on dishonesty 、 refine 、 elaboration , Yes 6 Such illegal deposit 、7 Class deception 、6 Loan fraud and 7 And other dishonest acts , For example, the provincial provident fund center can record the dishonest behavior information of dishonest people into the provincial center business management system , Suspend the withdrawal of housing provident fund for dishonest people 、 The loan 、 Transfer out and issuing deposit certificates for loans in other places , The limit period is 2 to 5 year .

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