Zhangjiajie Huarui company: practicing the original heart and undertaking the mission in epidemic prevention and control

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zhangjiajie huarui company practicing original

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Luo Jinfeng Peng Nansong ) An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the face of a new round , Zhangjiajie Huarui state owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. resolutely implements the municipal Party committee 、 Decision making and deployment of municipal government , All Party members, cadres and workers responded positively , Quickly join the front line of epidemic prevention , Practice the original intention in epidemic prevention and control 、 Take on a mission , Contribute Huarui's strength to resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control .

The epidemic is merciless , There is love in the world .“ What do you need , Just tell the volunteers , We're here to help you .” 8 month 5 Day in the morning , Luo Jinfeng, a party member who lives in longan community, Yongding District, is participating in community voluntary service , hear 5 building 11 There are only two old people in the building , She came to the old man's house with another volunteer , Love breakfast for the elderly , And tell them , Need help , Find volunteers . The two old men were deeply moved , Thank you !

“ As long as the fight against the epidemic needs , I'm on call .” Party member Liu Xiang lives in dingtaiyi Jingyuan community , Since the outbreak , He took the initiative to report to the community , Actively participate in community voluntary service , Whether it's registration, screening or material handling , As long as epidemic prevention needs , He is on call .“ Please show me your health code , Register the information , Thank you for your cooperation .” Liu Xiang, who is on duty in the community, carefully checks the health code of the people coming and going and makes registration , Everyone laughed and said that he was really a brick of revolution , Where to move .

Stick to the post ,“ Epidemic disease ” No excuse . Song Yi, deputy director of the Office ,2020 In, he was listed as an activist for joining the party ,“ Study hard and think well 、 endure hardships and be capable of hard work ” It's a unanimous evaluation of him . During the epidemic , He always sticks to his post , Carefully browse hundreds of work information every day , And timely notify the epidemic prevention and control 、 Request forwarding to Workgroup , I'm afraid I'll miss an important message and delay my work . Sometimes he makes hundreds of calls a day , Coordinate various affairs 、 Fill in epidemic prevention data 、 Supervise the implementation of the work, etc , In an emergency , In the morning 1 He is still reporting to the leader , From Song Yi's point of view , It's all due diligence 、 Duty bound .

Huarui company , Stick to your post like this 、 There are many people who pay silently , Some of them are on duty in the community , Some help carry materials , Some actively assist in nucleic acid detection …… In this smoke free war , They bear the burden bravely 、 Selfless dedication , To practice with practical action “ I do practical things for the masses ”, Huarui contributed to winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .

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