Nine years of grinding just for stability? Test drive 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander

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years grinding stability test drive

Test drive physical examination :“ Mitsubishi ” Two words are enough to explain everything

Many areas of the test drive section are at an altitude of 3000 Meters above , High altitude is still a great test for naturally aspirated engines , Experience it , The power output is smooth , The power is very direct and sensitive , There is no meat feeling when driving in the current environment .

If you want to have a more active power take-off experience , Switch to manual mode , Shift gears through paddles , The transmission responds extremely quickly , And the gearbox is very willing to maintain the current gear , More leisurely to meet the driving rhythm .

The support of the suspension is balanced , There is a compromise to comfort in tuning , But thanks to outlander's excellent suspension geometry , It doesn't matter much , The control is guaranteed without affecting the ride comfort . In daily driving , The soft initial section can well filter out the small bumps on the road , The road feel is also preserved to a certain extent . When passing through big ups and downs or big bumps , The middle and rear suspension also has good support , Generally speaking, it's easy to drive , It won't be uncomfortable .

Driving on unpaved roads , It's another important part of this trip . First , Thanks to the ground clearance of the chassis and the four-wheel drive system , There is nothing to be picky about through sex . Here I would like to emphasize the comfort of outlander on a bad road , A long journey through , Less extreme road conditions may be encountered , But always in the car , It is obviously more important to ensure occupant comfort .

A precise and sensitive steering is on a car dominated by control , It will be icing on the cake , But for a car that needs to take into account a certain off-road performance , Not exactly . If the directional feedback is too direct , It may be very uncomfortable to drive in the non pavement , The steering wheel is always competing with you , Maybe you're not driving , It is “ The car is driving you ”. OLAND's steering inherits the feel of Mitsubishi's hardline off-road vehicle to a certain extent , Everyday home driving will feel very relaxed .

In a city SUV On , The role of the 4WD system is not just to enhance the trafficability of the car , Although it can make a qualitative improvement through sex , But the point is not here , It means more to the improvement of control , When passing through gravel pavement , Outlander is blessed with the 4WD system , The overall dynamics are more controllable .

Linear throttle will be more important when passing through extreme road conditions , The control of the throttle force on the road in large slope section is higher than the explosive demand for power , This is what turbocharged engines don't have .

Design : The new models pay more attention to the sense of urban refinement

Design aspect , Outlander originally had a delicate and slender body , On the new models , All around the bottom edges are replaced with the design in the same color as the body , The shape of the wheel hub has also been adjusted , On the whole , The image is more spiritual .

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