Three driving forces and three personalities three car owners tell the story of Lei Ling

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Junee: Female drivers can also easily control

ralink 1.5L The use cost of the model is low

The first one on the stage is the little sister Junee, She bought one some time ago 1.5L Lei Ling . In the car selection stage ,Junee When I see the new generation of Lei Ling , The heart beats in an instant ; Lei Ling looks good 、 young , The workmanship of the interior upholstery is also quite up to standard , Central control touch screen 、 Leather seats 、 Rear air outlet 、USB The interfaces are complete , The key is that Toyota brand is the guarantee of quality .

Thanks to the tacit cooperation between the gearbox and the engine ,Junee It can be seen from the instrument that leiling's speed is at... In most cases 2000rpm following , It not only reduces the engine noise , It can also have a real fuel saving performance .Junee Think ,“ power ” It doesn't affect anything in urban driving , So just enough , Instead, the relaxed driving experience is what she values , Lei Ling did .

Junee say , How many months have you been with Lei Ling , You can run for nearly two months after each filling up , Don't panic even if the fuel signal light is on , Because you can drive a long distance . at present ,Junee The main driving environment is in the city , Leiling is her substitute car , Under the heavy commute every day , Leiling can still run out 5L/100km Outstanding achievements , It's really powerful .

Summary : stay Junee in sb.'s eyes , Leiling's peace of mind 、 She felt satisfied with the ease , in addition 1.5L+CVT The power combination can be quite smooth , The cost of daily vehicle use and later maintenance is low , Lei Ling is trustworthy .

The new generation of leiling adopts Toyota's new family design language , The sense of line is very strong , Deliberately create sports 、 Performance atmosphere , The front of the car has a design of tusks , Although there is no through tail lamp design at the rear , But the use of blackened trim runs through the left and right .

Leiling can keep the engine speed low when cruising at high speed (1500rpm Up and down ), The engine is working efficiently , Improving fuel economy . When you need to overtake , A foot of oil goes down , The transmission and engine respond immediately , Pull up the speed to prepare for more power , The whole overtaking process was quite smooth .

The weekend is Sunny Happy time with your lover , They will choose to visit other places in the province , It's also a pleasure to take a short self driving trip two days and one night . On the road ,Sunny In order to reduce the fatigue caused by long-time driving , He will open DRCC Dynamic radar cruise control system , Let the vehicle follow automatically 、 Center drive , You can reach your destination easily .

Summary : Carrying 1.2T Leiling of the engine , Not only has good fuel economy , It also shows good driving fun , There is no problem dealing with indoor commuting and short distance self driving , accord with Sunny The car “ Achieve greater, faster, better and more economical results ” The requirements of .

The biggest difference between the two engine versions is in the brand LOGO With a blue aperture , The body and the rear of the car also have “HUBRID” The logo of , Fully show the identity of its dual engine version . The car also features a dual engine version , For example, the blue one touch start button 、 The energy consumption meter replaces the tachometer of traditional fuel vehicles 、EV Patterns, etc .

Just like the little sister in front Junee said , Commuting in the city is for easy driving and fuel economy , After all, it's so crowded every day , No matter how high the performance is, there is no place to release . The dual engine version provides a variety of driving modes ,Jacky Will use... When needed EV Mode to drive , add ECO Pattern , You can avoid traffic jams 、 Ignore fuel consumption .

The driving quality of the dual engine version is better than that of the pure fuel version , The main noise at low speed comes from the engine , In this state, the motor takes the lead , Output power quietly , Reduces engine noise , Show good NVH. What's more, smoothness , The engine needs response time , The motor does not need , The dual engine version of the drive motor can make up for the time difference , Give Way Jacky I feel the accelerator is very “ Heels ”.

Summary : Understand Lei Ling Shuangqing due to work needs , Choose leiling Shuangqing for your own needs ,Jacky The fate with Lei Ling Shuangqing is so wonderful ,“ Know how to be grateful ” Lei Ling Shuangqing is also Jacky Bring ultra-low fuel consumption 、 Stronger sense of technology and better driving quality .


If you are still struggling after reading the stories shared by several car owners , Then I'll simply give you a little advice on buying a car :

The budget is 11 Ten thousand yuan or so , Need to travel on a daily basis 、 Urban commuter oriented consumers , You can choose 1.5L models , Its fuel economy 、 A smooth 、 Low use cost .

The budget is 13-14 Ten thousand yuan , Consumers who have higher requirements for power , You can choose 1.2T models , Its power is more abundant , Better driving experience .

The budget is good 15 Ten thousand yuan or so , Consumers who pursue driving quality , You can boldly choose a dual engine model , The power with motor is smoother 、NVH Perform better .

Now buy leiling to enjoy the highest 4 A down payment 24 period 0 Rest , The twin engine model is 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan ( Subject to the date of purchase invoice ) Before buying a car , Also enjoy the of Ni MH battery pack “ No time limit , Unlimited mileage ” Worry free guarantee , It greatly reduces the cost of buying and using cars .( chart / writing / taken : Pacific automotive network Li Jiaming )

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