Full of cyberpunk, limited to 3000 units! Exposure of Saibo tank 300 declaration map

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cyberpunk limited units exposure saibo

The new car is a tank (TANK) And CYBER SPACE Super boundary cars work together to build , The whole car adopts the color matching coating of frosted silver , And the front face is changed into a large area of blackened honeycomb grille , And embedded through LED Driving lights ; The lower enclosure has also undergone drastic transformation , Large opening collocation “Y” Type fog lamp set , Extremely subversive .

Besides , The interior of the new car has also been upgraded , The original large area of black material was replaced by white leather , Diamond texture and sewing process are added to the details ; And the piano paint baking panel of the center console 、 Stall handle 、 The air outlet is replaced by chrome plating . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4769/1967/1958mm, Longer and taller than the normal version , Wheelbase is still 2750mm.

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