The revenue was 8.45 billion yuan, and the second quarter financial report of Weilai was released

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revenue billion yuan second quarter

[ Car home   industry ]  8 month 12 Japan , Weilai automobile released its second quarter performance report . data display , Weilai's revenue in the second quarter was 84.5 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 127.2%, rose 5.8%, Compared with the growth rate in the first quarter, the growth rate was slightly narrowed .

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Besides , The company's gross profit margin has increased since 2020 From negative to positive since the second quarter of 2013 . Weilai's gross profit margin in the second quarter was 18.6%, The gross profit margin of vehicle sales is 20.3%. As a contrast , Weilai's gross profit margin in the first quarter was 19.5%, The gross profit margin of vehicle sales is 21.2%.

Weilai's net loss in the second quarter was 5.87 RMB 100 million , And the first quarter of this year 4.51 Compared with the net loss of 100 million yuan, it increased 1.36 One hundred million yuan . Other aspects , Weilai's R & D expenditure 8.8 One hundred million yuan , rose 28.7%; The cash reserve is 483.2 One hundred million yuan .

Weilai delivered a total of new cars in the second quarter 21896 car , Year-on-year growth 111.9%, rose 9.2%.2021 The delivery guidelines for the third quarter of 2014 are 23000-25000 platform , rose 5.5%-14.2%. It is worth mentioning that ,2022 year , Weilai will deliver including ET7 Three of them are based on NT2.0 New models of technology platform .

 Wei to Wei to ET7 2021 paragraph 100kWh First edition

『 Wei to ET7

Although the overall delivery volume still increased slightly compared with the previous quarter , But compared with the past year , This increase is relatively low . however , In the first half of the year, Weilai delivered 41956 platform , Up to... Of last year's annual delivery 95.9%.

Like other peers , Weilai is also facing the impact of global chip shortage . It is reported that , Both Xiaopeng automobile and ideal automobile have said that chip supply is facing challenges , But only Wei Lai is here 3 At the end of the month, it was announced that the production was stopped due to lack of core 5 A working day .

“ Although the global supply chain still faces uncertainty , But we have been working closely with our partners , To improve the production capacity of the whole supply chain .” Wei to CEO Li Bin said ,“ We will further expand the construction of sales and service network , And accelerate our product and technology development .”

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『2021 year 8 month 11 Japanese and US stocks closed 』

So far this year , Weilai auto stocks have fallen about 9%, a 1 The moon is near 67 The dollar's high fell 34%, But it has risen in the past three months 27%.( writing / Car home Peng Fei )

 revenue 84.5 One hundred million yuan Weilai's second quarter earnings report came out Car home
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