The performance of BYD dolphin new model application chart has been greatly improved

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performance byd dolphin new model

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recently , Aika automobile obtained the application information of BYD dolphin high performance model from the Ministry of industry and information technology . The maximum power of the car is 130kW Permanent magnet synchronous motor , Compared with the previous 70kW models , The performance has been greatly improved . According to the plan , BYD dolphins will 8 month 13 Start pre-sale on the 1st , Later on 8 Official listing at the end of the month . The addition of high-performance models , It will make dolphin's product lineup more perfect , There are more choices for users .

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This high-performance model is compared with the two models previously exposed , The body length has been increased 80mm、25mm, achieve 4,150mm. The front and rear bumpers and body surround of the high-performance model are more sporty , This is also the reason for the change of body length . And in the body width 、 Height 、 Wheelbase and wheel base , The three models are consistent . in addition , The curb weight of the car has also increased , This change is obviously caused by the change of the power system .

The power system of this high-performance version , yes e platform 3.0 Eight in one electric drive assembly , The maximum power of the motor is 130kw, Peak torque is 290Nm, It is... Higher than the ordinary model 60kw、110Nm. in addition , The maximum speed of the motor is 16,000 turn / branch , Maximum speed is 160km/h. Battery pack for high performance models , Storable 44.9 thousand kWh Of electricity .

Edit comment on : Earlier this year, , BYD has adjusted its organizational structure , Set up four business divisions , They are the dynasty network sales division 、e Online sales division 、 Brand and Utilities 、 After sales service division . As BYD e platform 3.0 The first model of the era , Dolphins will be e Sell online . The addition of high-performance models , It will undoubtedly attract more users .

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