SUV sales in July: Buick oncoway broke into the top 10 and Toyota RAV4 became the runner up

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suv sales july buick oncoway

2021 The first half of the year has passed , In the second half of the year, a new round of competition quietly opened , Those that sell well SUV Thinking about how to maintain sales , And the results are not ideal SUV Thinking about how to break through , This war without gunpowder , It's still going on .

recently , The Federation issued 7 Monthly passenger car sales data , Focus on SUV field , Each joint venture 、 What kind of performance does the independent player have ?

Toyota RAV4 To be runner up

stay SUV In the sales list , The ranking we know well is Harvard H6 First of all 、 changan CS75 second , And their leading advantages are obvious , But in 7 month , Toyota RAV4 A bar was inserted , Broke the so-called “ Balance ”.

According to the association data , Toyota RAV4 7 Monthly sales volume is 20390 platform , Year-on-year growth 17.7%, It's no problem to get the top three .

Let's look at Chang'an, which ranks third CS75 Vehicle system ( The main force is CS75 PLUS), Its sales volume is the same as that of RAV4 No, there's a big gap ,19817 The sales volume of Taiwan can be said to only catch up with RAV4, Another way ,CS75 It's a pity to be surpassed .

Toyota RAV4 It has excellent reputation and strength , Now 7 In June, it became a joint venture SUV Sales leader , It can also be said to have climbed a peak , As for whether the runner up can sit firmly , We'll see .

Buick ankovi is among the top 10

In recent years, , A joint venture SUV The field is basically the world of Germany and Japan , In the top ten list, the American Department 、 Korean line 、 Legal players seem to have “ disappear from the scene ” Signs of , Even if the terminal discount of many models is not small , But sales are still not ahead .

The surprise is ,7 In January Buick ankovi squeezed into the front 10, Its Sales of 11903 platform , Year-on-year growth 54.8%, This growth data is also the strongest in the top ten .

For now , The oncoway car line has grown , In addition to the previously familiar ankoway , And ankoway S And this year's hot ankovi PLUS, And ankoway PLUS There are five and seven seats available , The performance in all aspects is also relatively balanced , Popularity is expected .

in any case , Oncoway enters SUV Top ten in sales , It has shown everyone's recognition of the car line , After all, under the attack of the German and Japanese system , There are not many top players in American cars .

Haoying 、CR-V Do many things at once

Honda can be said to be an expert in playing the two car strategy , In especial SUV models , From small SUV To medium SUV There were “ The twins ”.

from 7 Monthly results , Guangzhou Honda haoying is better than Dongfeng Honda CR-V be a stroke above , The difference in sales between the two is 1000 units , Compared with before CR-V Leading haoying , This time haoying completed an anti super , But considering their respective advantages , How about next month? No one dares to make a final decision .

About CR-V And haoying , Many people also asked who was better , First of all, the two “ The bottom line ” It's the same , The difference lies in CR-V It's a veteran , The foundation of word-of-mouth is deeper 、 More famous , Haoying was born with a more fresh design , And GAC Honda as a strong backer , In a word , You can choose according to your design requirements and the popularity of the manufacturer .

On the other hand , Whether it's haoying or CR-V leading , In fact, Honda is the winner , Two cars appeared in SUV Top ten , The goal has been achieved .

BMW X3 take the lead

In recent months , stay SUV Luxury cars can be seen in the top ten sales lists , and 7 month , BMW X3 For luxury SUV On the list , Its performance is better than that of many mainstream families SUV Still better , The popularity can be imagined .

data display , BMW X3 7 Monthly sales volume is 15126 platform , This result is close to Honda in front CR-V, And BMW X3 Year on year growth in sales 7.6%, The momentum is just right .

It is worth mentioning that ,7 Month sales BMW X3 Ahead of Mercedes Benz GLC And audi Q5L not a few , At the high end SUV( Start at 30 More than ten thousand yuan ) The sales list is the first .

in addition , BMW X3 This year, 1-7 Cumulative sales volume of the month Has surpassed Audi Q5L And Mercedes GLC, Temporarily in the lead .2021 There is still... For the rest of the year 5 About a month or so , It's hard to say who can laugh to the end .

independent SUV Polarization

Finally, we should pay attention to , It's autonomy SUV models , Autonomy in the top ten SUV There's Harvard at the top H6、 Chang'an ranked third CS75、 BYD song ranked fourth 、 Geely boyue, ranked eighth .

You can find , Top selling , They are all products of first-line independent brands , The Great Wall 、 changan 、 geely 、 BYD and other brands are becoming stronger and stronger 、 More and more influence , This is one of the basic guarantees that the product is easy to sell .

Need to think , It's those who fall off the list SUV, Brilliant , But it lost its vitality in the shuffle after shuffle , The reasons are worth pondering , And everyone can feel , Some independent brands 、 independent SUV The sense of existence of the model is getting lower and lower , Polarization is not a joke .

2021 The competition in the second half of the year has just begun , Independent brands and independent brands unwilling to sink SUV, Still have to seize the opportunity , Meet the challenge .

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