Micro facelift + new decoration / plan can the new domestic BMW ix3 attract you in September?

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micro facelift new decoration plan

Domestic cash iX3 Since last year 11 Since its launch in June , Seems to have been in an awkward position , The fuel version of the same door X3 Always at the top of the sales list , And the starting price is tens of thousands cheaper , If it wasn't for the green card , There seems to be no reason to choose it ; But if I want to buy a green luxury car SUV, There is a standing Tesla , There are more intelligent new forces , What reason can BMW give me to pay for it ?

see , In the middle of the term iX3 Put on a more handsome face and a new interior , And we can see the real car as soon as this year , Xiaobian will analyze the changes for you one by one , Do you think the reason is enough after turning down ?

Design synchronization X3 Style , What are the new changes ?

After all, it's just a mid-term change , Therefore, from the size comparison between the old and new models , The difference between the two is not big , The new models only have... In length and height 20-30mm The subtle difference between the left and right , The data of the domestic version may also be slightly modified in the future .

Through the comparison of the two latest models in the figure below , Maybe you will have a more intuitive impression of the pure electric version and the fuel version , It needs to be mentioned that , A new model just launched X3 At present, only M The official picture of Yao night suit , Air intake grille 、 Bumper kit 、 The wheel hub and other places are blackened , In the future, luxury suits and sports suits will also have different styles .

The new iX3 and X3 The difference of rear shape is mainly reflected in the similarities and differences of bumpers ,X3 Because of his identity as a fuel truck , With a frightening double outlet exhaust pipe , The tail lamp design is consistent with the diffuser shape .

As for whether the upcoming domestic version will maintain the original design ? The answer is yes . According to the following declaration chart , domestic iX3 A variety of double kidney grille shapes are also available 、 Wheel hub 、 Front and rear bumpers are available for consumers to choose . You know what's on sale now iX3 There are only two ( Leading and creative collar ) models , The room for personalization is narrow , However, in the future, the selection and matching of these kits will be distinguished by different models , Or directly to the buyer to choose it ? You can only wait until it is officially released .

In the declaration chart , The front grille has 4 Two styles are available , It is mainly divided into silver frame and black frame 、 silvery / Blue lining trim , I wonder which one you prefer ? And Xiaobian will choose a silver frame with a strong sense of science and Technology , The blue trim seems a little plastic .

The wheel hub also has 4 There are several styles , Including aerodynamic wheels like cash ( chart 1) Silver Black cutting wheel hub of the same style as guantu , This is also the best style Xiaobian thinks .

in general , Medium term change iX3 You can get high marks for your style , BMW does not intend to build a car for this important medium-sized car SUV The series injected too radical changes ( Refer to paragraph 7 Tie your big mouth ), While maintaining the appearance of moderation , It also makes the lines more capable and sharp , in addition , Probably because M Sport The relationship between kit blessing , Once the new car is washed, it feels gentle in the past , Deliberately create a fierce aura of performance , It is very in line with the taste of current consumers .

The car decoration shows sincerity / Add a lot of smart technologies

iDrive 7.0 Car machines and new models X3 equally , The future domestic version will also be localized and optimized , Support on-board tmall Genie 、QQ music 、 Himalayan music and other applications . in addition ,BIPA The voice assistant also supports natural speech recognition , Do some IOT functions such as opening windows ; Other features include new iPhone Cell phone key , Replace the traditional key in and out / Open and close the vehicle 、MyBMW App It can help the driver plan the charging route 、 Charging stations to stop along the way , And the push notification reminder of charging completion .

In driving assistance technology , Overseas version of iX3 Standard for the whole car Driving Assistant Professional Intelligent driving assistance kit , The original code is 5AT The system of 、 Upgrade to code 5AU New system .

The figure below shows the new domestic X3 Corresponding code “ Automatic driving assistance system Pro” Function table , Have driving safety assistance 、 Active cruise control 、 Collision defense system and cruise control system . in addition , Park assist Plus It also has a unique automatic parking aid at the same level , Be able to record 50 Meter track , Very practical in narrow alleys . Although the above contents have not yet been confirmed whether they will appear in the domestic new models iX3 On the body , However, the current situation is also very likely to be related to X3 Synchronize this configuration .

The power system is still the fifth generation eDrive Electric drive system

Charging ways , BMW iX3 Within the scope allowed by China Power Grid , If high-speed DC charging is adopted , The maximum charging power of the vehicle can reach 100kW, Only 45 The battery power can be reduced from... In minutes 0 Charge to 80%; Using AC charging is also very efficient , The maximum charging power is 11kW, Need to be 7.5 The battery can be fully charged in hours .

Since the power system basically hasn't changed , So new iX3 The driving experience can also refer to the situation before the change , Based on our editing experience ,iX3 Still trying to keep its brand tone ,“ Electronic taste ” Not strong , It is more like a mature work that pushes BMW's focus on driving control to a higher level . This strong BMW flavor is reflected in the precise and heavy steering wheel 、 A slightly stiffer chassis 、 Full and rapid power 、 near 50:50 Counterweight, etc , In short , This is still a familiar BMW . The difference is , Faster response of electric vehicles , With BMW chassis skills , The evaluation is quite high .

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