When do I need to replace my Mercedes tires? What are the tire replacement standards for Mercedes Benz models

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In fact, whether it's Mercedes Benz or BMW , Or other brands , The standard for tire replacement is the degree of wear .

reason :

Each tire has a wear mark , When the tire is worn to the wear mark , That is, the tread depth of the tire is lower than 2mm when , You need to change the tire .

At this time, the drainage performance of the tire decreases , The driving risk coefficient increases in rainy days , Even on dry land , It may also cause tire burst due to too thin tread .

When the following situations occur, it is necessary to consider changing the tire :

1、 Wear is serious : There is a wear limit mark at the tread groove of each tire , This sign is about... Thick 2mm about . Suggest , Tire thickness is worn to the distance limit mark 4mm, That is, the deepest part of the groove 6mm It should be replaced when left and right .

2. Aging is serious :  Observe the lines on the tread and sidewall of the tire , If cracks are common, it indicates that the tire has been seriously aged . At this time, although the mileage is not long or the service time is not long , But it still needs to be replaced in time . Otherwise, the aging tire will be weakened due to the strength of the sidewall , During high-speed driving, tire burst is easy to occur due to temperature rise .

3. Frequent tire repair :  For tire puncture , Many friends don't care too much . If the same tire is punctured repeatedly , Can you mend the tire frequently . One or two tire repairs will not affect the use of the tire , But after more than three times , For safety reasons, it is recommended to change the tire . Because when driving at high speed , The temperature in the tire rises , Too much damage has been repaired , But it still increases the probability of danger .

4. Package deformation :  It is a very dangerous thing for the tire to be bagged and deformed , If the bag is deformed , Go to a professional repair shop for inspection and treatment at the first time , Generally, it is recommended to replace the tire . The occurrence of such conditions in the tire proves that the metal coil inside the tire has been deformed or broken , If you continue driving, there is a high risk of tire burst .

5. The sidewall is punctured :  A puncture of the tire wall is indeed more dangerous than a tread injury , If the damage is located on the underside of the identification, close to the edge of the hub , At this time, the tire must be replaced , Because the strength of the steel wire here is very weak , And after repair, it will be squeezed and deformed in the process of tire installation , It's hard to guarantee the repair effect .

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