It is revealed that the original content editor of understanding car emperor has joined Tesla to be responsible for new media communication

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revealed original content editor understanding

8 month 11 Daily news , This afternoon , Well known auto blogger Chang Yan said on his microblog , primary 《 Understand the car Timor 》 Content editor Bai Chaoyang is now employed by Tesla , Responsible for new media communication .

There are few relevant introductions about Bai Chaoyang on the Internet , But the car king under byte beat , In recent years, its influence in the domestic auto industry has indeed increased sharply , To compete with the car home .

Compared with the professional database and news information of Auto Home , Understand chedi with headline traffic support , Pay more attention to the sharing of the owner's real feelings , And around the car 、 Output of interesting content .

Besides , Nearly period of time , Understand that chedi is also doing things one after another , BMW 3 Department and Mercedes Benz C level 、 BAIC polar fox α Collide with BYD Han and other models , The burning funds have won the enthusiastic attention and discussion of car fans all over the country . so to speak , In terms of content dissemination , Understand that chedi is currently in the domestic auto circle , The routine is perfect . The content editor in charge of this section , The level of strength is naturally the level of the big man .

however , Is such a big man in the automotive media industry , But he switched to Tesla, which he would not think of the most .

Fans and friends also know , Tesla shows itself in the car circle with a high and cold image , Not keen on hot spots and online marketing . But this time , Understand the content of chedi , It may mean Tesla's domestic public relations strategy , Synchronization will also change .

Some time ago , Because women car owners in Shanghai protect their rights , And many subsequent car owners follow suit to protect their rights . Tesla China's Public Relations Department , It was staged one after another “ Never compromise ”、“ Milk tea encourages ” etc. “ Disaster level ” pr , For a time, Tesla continued to dominate the hot search in the domestic auto industry .

Looking back at the reasons , Tesla's construction of public relations team , Perhaps there is still a certain gap . now , Tesla aware of the problem , Perhaps it is also adjusting China's market public relations construction strategy at the same time .