Quan hongchan's mother's condition was exposed: a car accident broke her ribs in 17 years, causing epilepsy, and her eldest son dropped out of school on the second day of junior high school

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quan hongchan mother condition exposed

Quan hongchan's family life is embarrassing , So what kind of embarrassment ? Quan hongchan mentioned her mother's illness after winning the Olympic Games , I don't know how to read that word . in fact , Quan hongchan's mother's condition is epilepsy .

Quan hongchan's mother used to do odd jobs , Ride an electric car back and forth every day , stay 2017 She was in a car accident , Broken ribs , A neighbor disclosed :“ She was caught under the van , Some injuries , But mostly scared .” Quan hongchan's mother went to the hospital , Her trauma was cured , But it left the sequelae of epilepsy . Sometimes you suddenly faint and foam at the mouth , Serious illness may lead to death .

under these circumstances , Quan hongchan's mother can't work in the field alone , No more odd jobs . The burden of the family falls more on Quan hongchan's father full text Mao . Full text Mao said in an interview :“ She had a relapse , The current physical condition is really uncertain , Because it's not suitable for work , So I can only stay at home to recuperate .”

The full text indicates , I won't tell my daughter about my wife's illness , Worried about affecting Quan hongchan's training and competition , He's close 1 I haven't seen my daughter in , But it feels like she's grown up . Quan hongchan's family is in 2018 In, he obtained the minimum living allowance .

It is worth mentioning that , The local hospital has said that it will provide medical security services for Quan hongchan's mother . Besides , Grandpa Quan hongchan was ill and hospitalized not long ago .

Another source of income for Quan hongchan's family is her brother working in Guangzhou . Quan hongchan's brother this year 20 year , Drop out of school only on the second day of junior high school , His grades are not good , According to him, it's better to work . Quan hongchan brothers and sisters 5 people , Only her second sister is still at school , The fourth younger sister and the fifth younger brother went to the sports school to practice diving .

source : Li Xilin's basketball masterpiece

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