Shuitianhe Town, Baojing County: implement the "five to households" and sink the epidemic prevention force

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shuitianhe town baojing county implement

Baojing County branch of Red Net 8 month 12 - ( correspondent   Chen Xin ) In order to give full play to the vanguard and leading role of Party members , Expand grassroots forces , In recent days, , The Organization Department of Baojing County Party committee has carried out “ Five to home ” Pilot work , Specifically, Party members contact households 、 People visit every household 、 Policies are implemented to households 、 Industry docking to households 、 Accurate service to the home . Shuitianhe town responded positively to the call of the Organization Department of the county Party committee , All villages have set up volunteer service teams for Party members ,“ Five to home ” The work is advancing in an orderly manner , In this epidemic prevention and control work , This system also plays an important role .

8 month 8 4:30 AM , It was all quiet 、 When people are sleepy , Each entrance to shuitianhe town 、 However, the voice of dialogue has been heard frequently at the entrance to the village .“ The old man , The recent epidemic situation is quite serious , The market has been suspended , Go home .”“ Uncle , Today's market day is cancelled , Don't sell vegetables . This is also for the sake of everyone's safety , Everyone actively cooperates , It can also overcome the epidemic as soon as possible .” This is the Party member volunteer service team and government staff in each village who are persuading the people who come to the market , Such a situation comes from 8 month 3 Every market day will appear .

To ensure people's health and life safety , According to the superior epidemic prevention and control requirements , since 8 month 3 From the th, shuitianhe town has temporarily closed two fairs under its jurisdiction , Suspend the fair . The town government relies on “ Five to home ” The system , Call on the volunteer service team of Party members to join the epidemic prevention and control team , The site closure work is carried out in groups . Most of the staff are arranged at the entrance to the town 、 Entrance to the village , Timely persuade those who come back to rush to the site , Call on them to travel off peak , Reduce people aggregation ; For non rush personnel, ask 、 Second test 、 3. The working mode of inspection , Understand the reasons for entering the town , Release some necessary personnel and issue masks . Other staff members are responsible for the businesses on the market “ Two yards ” Confirm and further inform the closing information , Do a good job in evacuation . At the same time, publicize 15-17 At the age of, the vaccinated object should take the initiative to the town health center for vaccination , And help maintain order , Ensure that nucleic acid testing and vaccination do not have cross infection .

To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control , Party members from all villages have also actively entered their homes to understand the health of the masses , Vaccination status , Publicize epidemic prevention and control policies , Distribute publicity materials , Go to the door and take the temperature for the masses , Check out outsiders “ Two yards ”, Register and inform them of relevant matters . With the popularization of epidemic prevention and control in shuitianhe town , After that, the number of people on the market day decreased significantly , The number of people going to town hospitals for vaccination and nucleic acid testing has increased ,“ Five to home ” The system has been further implemented in epidemic prevention and control .

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