Essay Peng Tao: walking into the coffee shop on the corner

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essay peng tao walking coffee

Walk into the coffee shop on the corner

writing / Peng Tao

Into July , Another round of sudden COVID-19 swept across many places in Hunan , Many places pressed “ Pause key ”, In the past, there was a lot of noise on Huangxing Road , Gradually become quiet , People began to “ Homestead life ”. School summer vacation , I don't have to teach students , Stay at home most of the time . I keep flipping through valuable information on my mobile phone , Look for material that can be written into the manuscript .

carelessly , Painted in the window of a coffee shop , Attracted by exquisite pictures , Immediately had the desire to go . today , Because my father was ill, I had to go to the hospital to go through relevant formalities and went out , And the coffee shop is not far from the hospital , Think twice about , I called the store manager again and asked if it would not affect my health , Decided to go “ To see everybody ”, Visit the coffee shop on the corner .

Enter the store , Although the air is full of strong coffee flavor , It's mouth watering , But business is light , Only one customer stayed in a far corner . I scanned the health code and communication travel card according to the regulations , The store manager serves me personally , And suggested that I pack it and take it away .

The store manager is called Changsha version “ On Deng Xiaoping ” Net red , He recommended me a new cup “ Black sugar Latte ”, And completed his carefully created works with skilled skills , He also told me to pay attention to personal protection during the epidemic .

A favorite song sounded in my ear 《 Long time no see 》, I haven't seen my colleagues for almost half a month , A meeting that the college had to hold , Also changed to online .

With , The familiar melody in my ear , I sing along :

Will you suddenly appear

At the coffee shop on the corner

I'll wear a smile Wave and greet

And you Sit and talk

How I want to see you

Look at your recent changes

Stop talking about the past Just greetings

Say a word to you Just a word

Long time no see ......

Yes , friends , Long time no see ! When I left, I made an appointment with the store manager , Wait until Changsha, a popular online clock in place , Once again restore the lively atmosphere of life , I will definitely make some friends . Come to this corner coffee shop , Savor in detail “ Fireworks in the world ”, Enjoy the coffee “ Baizi Baiwei ”!

Back home , Holding this cup of coffee without sugar , Take a gentle SIP , The bitter taste will immediately spread to every corner of the mouth , It makes me feel a little uncomfortable . But I know very well , Only by suffering a little in one's life can one better experience the sweet taste .( The picture is provided by the author )

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