Liu Haifeng: the rampant epidemic is not afraid of the original heart and will never change

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liu haifeng rampant epidemic afraid

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Li Xing ) A sudden outbreak of the epidemic , Disrupted the original rhythm of Zhuzhou City . The whole city , No noise , No , It's like being momentarily pressed the pause button , Many people choose to stay closed for safety . However , There are such a group of people , They go retrograde , Resolutely join in this war without gunsmoke ; They burn the lights and fight at night ,24 Hours without sleep, stick to the card point ; They ran around telling each other , Publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge ; They kept going , Door to door prevention and control investigation . They are the link between the government and the masses , It is firmly fixed at the last kilometer of the epidemic prevention battlefield “ screws ”, They have a common identity , That is the people's police .

During the epidemic , Liu Haifeng always fought on the front line .

“ I used to be a soldier , I am now a people's policeman , Facing urgent, dangerous and heavy tasks , I must stand up for the first time !” In this epidemic prevention and control work , Liu Haifeng, a community policeman of Yuetang police station of Hetang branch of Zhuzhou Public Security Bureau, has always been fighting in the place most needed by the people in the area , It shows the true colors of a retired soldier and a grass-roots police “ Simple and extraordinary ” Our courage and perseverance .

Current epidemic situation , The centralized isolation point is the place with the greatest risk of infection , Many people walk around when they pass by . After Yuetang police station set up an isolated Hotel duty point , Liu Haifeng was the first to volunteer to be on duty at the isolation point , After hastily taking two sets of laundry from home , He rushed to the isolation point on duty , With “ Use me for the first battle 、 Crisis has me 、 Charge, look at me ” Strong fighting spirit , Practice the initial heart war “ Epidemic disease ” love , Protect the stability and safety of the people under the jurisdiction .

High risk 、 It's a big responsibility 、 The most boring 、 The hardest work is the true portrayal of the isolation point on duty . The first night on duty , There is 3 A quarantiner is clamoring to go home , CDC staff also take them, and there is no way . Liu Haifeng saw this scene , Immediately carry out appeasement and persuasion , Through the analysis of , Liu Haifeng believes that they are mainly resistant to isolation . Isolation can't cut off love , To fight the epidemic, we should have warmth , Liu Haifeng did not arbitrarily force him to be isolated , Instead, they were 1 More than hours of patient persuasion and careful appeasement , They were finally persuaded , Voluntary isolation .

Liu Haifeng is stationed at the isolation point .

At the isolation point , Liu Haifeng's job is mainly to maintain order on the point , And help and cooperate with the health department to carry out relevant epidemic prevention work . Liu Haifeng's family are worried about his work , But he did not have the slightest fear and hesitation . He said to his family :“ There's nothing to worry about , As the people's police , Guard the last line of defense , This is my duty .”

Isolate people if they have mood swings , And appease in time . Some quarantines will be homesick after living for a few days , Some people are afraid , Some people think it's normal to measure their temperature every day , Anxious to get out . Every time I meet such a moment , Liu Haifeng worked patiently , Ask them to stay here and observe patiently . During the days of being on duty at the isolation point , Liu Haifeng has always been in a posture and state of being ready to fight , Strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements , Civilized speech and resolute attitude , One after another 10 More than visiting the families of the quarantines . On duty at the isolation point , He also used his break time many times to help the isolators dredge and decompress , With the joint efforts of him and his colleagues , The isolation point he is on duty has always maintained a stable and controllable state .

Speaking of family , He touched the softest point in the heart of a tough man .“ Take care of yourself at home !” Watching the video of my son at home alone , Liu Haifeng, who was on duty at the isolation point, felt guilty . His son graduated from junior high school this year , He is very busy at work and has little time to accompany his son , I wanted to spend this summer vacation with my son , Travel to other provinces , Who knows, suddenly encountered the outbreak of the epidemic . This sudden epidemic , Liu Haifeng rushed to the front again , The busy anti epidemic work gave Liu Haifeng no time to tell his son that his father would break his appointment again , But he was pleased that his son understood his work very well .

“ Life , Always do something meaningful , The anti epidemic work is dangerous and busy , But I will not turn back , Rush to the front !” Liu Haifeng exchanged his persistence for more family reunion . Liu Haifeng's anti epidemic story is that the police of Hetang public security branch serve the people , Dedication is the epitome of promising , They uphold “ The epidemic continues , There is no less enthusiasm ” The solemn promise of , Go all out to protect the peace of the lotus pond , Go retrograde to win the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation , Forge ahead .

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