Liling power supply company of State Grid: Party members charge in front to light up the "safety light" for the front line of anti epidemic

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Repair site .

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Huang Yuting )“ Master Huang , Hello , The street light switch at the intersection of the high-speed toll station in Liling economic development zone always tripped today , It will affect the work of epidemic detection points at night , Can you handle it for me ?”8 month 9 Japan , The personnel of Liling toll station asked Liling power supply company for help .“ Current epidemic situation , Epidemic prevention is responsibility , The problem lies with us !” After receiving the call , Huang Mulin, manager of Taiwan District of Liling porcelain city power supply station, replied .

With the further escalation of epidemic prevention and control , Liling City has fully sounded the epidemic prevention and control alarm , According to the requirements of the superior , Liling sets up high-speed toll stations 24 Hour epidemic prevention detection point , Control the epidemic situation . It's hot in summer , In order to solve the problem of temporary power consumption of epidemic prevention control personnel and detection points , Liling power supply company responded quickly , Organize all power supply stations to actively cooperate with government departments to connect temporary power to the detection points of high-speed toll stations within their jurisdiction .

Zou Xiangxiang, director of Cicheng power supply station, organized a party member service team composed of four party members to wear masks 、 Take your tools , Rush to the entrance of the toll station . Arrive at the scene , The service team got busy , Through inspection, it is found that the switch trip is due to high-speed intersection 25 The internal failure of the 1m high pole lamp caused .

at present , It is difficult to temporarily purchase and replace high pole lamps , And found that the pole lamp is higher , The lighting effect of epidemic prevention detection point is not good . At that time , The sky is overcast , Zou Xiangxiang said :“ It's going to rain , It's getting dark , At present, the better solution is to take electricity from the high pole lamp , Hang the waterproof outdoor temporary lighting lamp on the street lamp pole temporarily .”

Just decided on a plan , Just about to start , A rain poured down .“ It's raining so hard , Why don't we make do with a rechargeable light for the night first ? You come tomorrow to pack ?”“ Don't worry , No matter how late today, we will help you solve the lighting problem .” The member of the Party member service team said . When the rain gets smaller , The service team set up the stairs, skillfully took the tools and got busy .

The socket is energized 、 The lamp is energized ...... The temporary lights are on , A drenched power supply employee under the light , The mask on his face was already wet , At this time, I can't tell whether it's rain or sweat on my face .

The staff at the inspection point thanked the staff of the power supply station one after another .“ Don't thank me , This is what we should do , You keep us safe , This is a small effort .” At night , The installed lights reflect the front-line watchmen , Warm and bright , It brings convenience to the anti epidemic duty at night .

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