Chen Ping: it's my responsibility to wear the national emblem

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chen ping responsibility wear national

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Huang Juan )“ Few words 、 Live more 、 simple 、 A low profile ”, This is my colleagues' evaluation of Chen Ping, leader of the first squadron of Yunlong Traffic Police Brigade . He has no magnificent deeds , Only diligence , bear hardship without complaint , Pay in silence . In this sudden outbreak , Without hesitation, he chose to face the difficulties , night , With the responsibility on the shoulder and the clank oath when joining the police , Protect the peace of all families .

I have a responsibility in my heart , Don't say back

Look up and bend down thousands of times a day , Every time you pass a car, you need to communicate with the owner and accompanying personnel 、 explain , Guide each vehicle to pass in order , Judge every hidden danger . In this war against the epidemic , Zhuzhou toll station is Chen Ping's main battlefield , Firm “ External defense input 、 Internal nonproliferation 、 Strictly prevent output ” The requirements of , Stick to the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control .

“ Hello , I'm going to miss the plane , My car is stuck in the back ”, A sudden rainstorm , It coincides with the evening peak , Vehicle surge , When Chen Ping was guiding the vehicles to pass through the bayonet orderly , A car owner ran to him anxiously . After knowing the situation , He immediately trotted all the way with the owner and the accompanying personnel to register , And actively communicate with other personnel queuing in the rear , While registering , He's not idle either , Go back to the busy line , Three times five divided by two opens up a path for the red car “ Green channel ”, Help them get through , The owner thanked again and again . Watch them out of the toll station , Chen Ping was relieved , Then he continued to shuttle through the traffic , Guide vehicles out of the city orderly and guide personnel to register .

Rest time , Chen Ping found that the police uniform in the raincoat was already wet .

After the evening peak , Finally have a rest , Because of the heavy rain , The rain filtered through the raincoat , Chen Ping's duty clothes are also wet , Stick tightly to your body , I can't tell whether it's rain , Or sweat . rain , As promised ; police , Never far away from ,“ Traffic police blue ” still ,“ police ” The color is still , Chen Ping also maintained his sincerity and enthusiasm , He said :“ The national emblem on your head , This is my responsibility ! We have no reason to flinch .” At the forefront of the fight against the epidemic , His warm and firm figure , The interpretation is countless efforts , It is the love of the times behind the epidemic .

duty-bound to defend the territory of one 's country , Overcome all difficulties

The epidemic keeps going , The fight never stops , Chen Ping is the squadron leader , Know that you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders ,6 An hour shift , He's not explaining to the driver , It's just dredging the traffic , Don't let yourself relax for a moment . Every time the comrades around him persuade Chen Ping to have more rest , He always said :“ Don't worry , If you are tired, just take a rest next to , I'm not tired , I'll keep it for you .” He's always so “ stubborn ”, Work in silence , bear hardship without complaint , Take work as your favorite career .

Chen Ping fixed the canopy at the inspection gap .

“ There is taixiang D My SUV broke through ”, Chen Ping, who is doing explanation work with the driver , Suddenly I heard someone shouting in front of me , He immediately found the toll station staff , Query vehicle information , Get in touch with the owner , After making sure it's this car , He called the car owner to ask the passengers in the car and their location , Ask them to wait at the nearest toll gate exit , meanwhile , He immediately drove with a public security policeman and two auxiliary policemen to find out the situation .

The wee hours , At Xiangtan yijiawan toll station, I saw vehicles passing through customs , Chen Pingli will take all the people on board back to Zhuzhou toll station , After asking 、 Investigate and verify , It turns out that the owner got off at the wrong highway intersection , Reverse U-turn , Claiming not to see the checkpoint set by the traffic police . Chen Ping severely criticized and educated him for breaking through customs , Tell them “ Break the card ” The act is against the law , It is also an act of undermining good order during epidemic prevention and control , And you can't go retrograde on the road . After all this , He is ready to continue his work , I found that the next class of comrades , Already on duty , It's already early morning 2 It's o'clock .

Chen Ping doesn't have too many heroic words , Only firm eyes and hurried steps , Always charging in dangerous areas , Desperate to hold the ground , Build a barrier to protect peace with both hands , As a party member , He fulfilled his loyalty and responsibility to the party , As a people's policeman , He did “ Police blue ” Your responsibilities and mission .

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