Zhuzhou dongjiaduan public security: fighting the "epidemic" hand in hand to overcome the difficulties

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zhuzhou dongjiaduan public security fighting

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Ling Shan )7 month 30 Japan , A sudden “ The delta ” The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic swept through Zhuzhou , In the face of the current complex and severe epidemic situation , The prevention and control work should not be slackened .

In recent days , In this barrage “ The delta ” Epidemic “ Silent Battle ” in , The whole police of Zhuzhou dongjiaduan public security branch mobilized 、 Quick response 、 Scientific prevention and control 、 Charge ahead , Strictly implement the deployment requirements for epidemic prevention and control , Put the work foothold on “ Eliminate proliferation risks , Build a strong risk boundary ” On , Take the initiative to act , Not afraid of difficulties and dangers 、 The determination and courage to fight and win , Joint prevention and control of isolated channels in the jurisdiction 、 Severely crack down on epidemic related crimes 、 Tracing the source of the flow of epidemic related personnel 、 Stationed in the medical isolation area 、 Ensure that the national nucleic acid detection is stable and orderly 、 We will strictly implement the closed control of key areas and other fronts 、 Fight tenaciously on all battlefields , The charge , Take the public security station 、 Public security spirit 、 Public security as 、 The effectiveness of public security has strongly supported the epidemic prevention and control work in the area under its jurisdiction , It has ensured the economic and social development and the overall social security and stability of the jurisdiction . They protect the lives and health of the people under their jurisdiction with hard work and sweat , Explained with practical action “ The epidemic is ahead 、 Police forward ” The clank oath of .

Move at the command , Go all out , Protect a safe home . Since the outbreak of the interdiction war , Dongjiaduan public security branch organized the police to go deep into the jurisdiction overnight , Strengthen the investigation and control of key groups , Depending on the “ grid + Warning grid ” resources 、“ Big data applications + artificial ” Means to carry out carpet investigation , Make sure “ The delta ” The novel coronavirus pneumonia infection is hidden , The police came one by one to urge the entertainment places where the personnel gathered to suspend business , Ensure that all densely populated places are closed 、 All major events are cancelled , Minimize the chance of infection .

Assemble quickly , Rush to rescue Yunlong , Devote oneself to resistance “ Epidemic disease ” A line of .7 month 30 Japan , According to the deployment of epidemic prevention and control in the whole city, dongjiaduan public security branch , Immediately assign the police to support the Jingkai public security branch , All the supporting police are brave enough to be the rebels , Day and night 24 Working hard for hours at the forefront of Huating epidemic in Country Garden community and medium risk community in Yunlong demonstration area , At the same time, cooperate with medical personnel to do a good job in isolation prevention and control , It ensures the orderly progress of all work on the front line of anti epidemic .

Overcome all difficulties , Concentric warfare epidemic , Painting hides the blue wind “ police ”.8 month 1 Japan , According to the needs of fighting the epidemic situation in Zhuzhou City , The little dome international hotel in Lusong district has been newly added as a centralized isolation point for epidemic prevention and control , Diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia 、 The close contacts and secondary close contacts of asymptomatic infected persons shall be uniformly and centrally isolated . After receiving the order, dongjiaduan public security branch quickly dispatched civilian auxiliary police from all units under the Bureau 、 Send out vehicles , Undertake the security work of centralized isolation points for epidemic prevention and control , All the civilian auxiliary police involved in the war rushed into the war 、 Risk prevention 、 Security 、 Protect the first line of stability , Built a solid epidemic prevention safety barrier .

“ Epidemic disease ” No excuse , Charge ahead , Build a strong security line . Since the national nucleic acid test was launched , Dongjiaduan branch dispatched 200 Yu Mingmin's auxiliary police rushed to the nucleic acid detection point to maintain the order of the scene , In the heat , All the participating police are busy from morning to night , Does is 12 Hours . None of them shouted bitterness and fatigue , And no one backed down , With silent persistence and “ Epidemic disease ” Determination to fight to the end , Maintain the on-site order of nucleic acid detection points , It ensures that the masses accept in an orderly manner 、 Efficient 、 Safe nucleic acid detection .

Take on the mission , duty-bound to defend the territory of one 's country , The sniper epidemic spread .8 month 7 Japan , Zhang Liming, deputy director of dongjiaduan police station at the joint prevention and control checkpoint of Baiguan toll station , Against the outside 38 The temperature of , Let sweat soak through your clothes , Beads of sweat hung all over his face , Still not afraid of high temperature and heat , For passing people 、 Check and register the vehicle , Built a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control , Give with loyalty 、 Adhere to the interpretation of “ The epidemic continues The police don't return ” Responsibility and responsibility .

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