Heshan Taxation: the silhouette recorder in the "epidemic war"

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heshan taxation silhouette recorder epidemic

war “ Epidemic disease ” image : Let the party flag resist “ Epidemic disease ” A line is flying high .

war “ Epidemic disease ” image : Pay tribute to ordinary volunteers .

war “ Epidemic disease ” image : Salute the summer “ Masked man ”.

Red net moment Yiyang 8 month 11 News ( correspondent Zhang Yuxiao sharpstone ) COVID-19 came back , What moved us except those who went to the front line , There are also a group of volunteers who contribute silently , In times of crisis , They came forward , Fight for the front line 、 Front line service , Use your ordinary good deeds , To resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic 、 Contribute to winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .

In recent days, , According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the district , The Youth League Committee of Yiyang Heshan District Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation has quickly established a team composed of 100 A group composed of several tax cadres has ideal 、 Have feelings 、 There is a responsible volunteer team , They sink to the front line of community prevention and control , Assist the medical staff to complete a period of 3 Days of national nucleic acid testing , Volunteer for up to 14 Hours .

In this volunteer service team , There is a man who is different from everyone , She is Li Wei, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Heshan District Taxation Bureau of Yiyang City . As the general director of voluntary service activities for epidemic prevention and control , After receiving the notice from his superior, Li Wei , All units in the Bureau and dispatched offices were contacted overnight , Carefully arrange personnel , Strengthen material support . Like everyone else, she is full of enthusiasm that is not afraid of hardship and fatigue , The difference is , The publicity partner of other volunteers is the trumpet in their hands , And her partner is the camera in her hand . Li Wei loves photography after work , He is a member of Hunan Photographers Association , In order to publicize the beauty of Yincheng Yiyang to more people , She also built her own official account —— Microenterprises look at Yiyang .

In succession 3 In the national nucleic acid testing voluntary service in Heshan District , Li Wei ran more than a dozen test points in a row , She doesn't usually sweat very much , The clothes were all wet , Take photos in total 984 Zhang , Leave the most beautiful war for these medical staff and volunteers who have no regrets and hard work “ Epidemic disease ” image , Let's see these ordinary heroes who stand up .

“ Photos are silent language , Can retain precious moments . I am a tax cadre 、 volunteer 、 Hometown propagandist 、 shutterbug , But I'm a communist , I am willing to do my bit for the society 、 Contribute to your hometown , Record truth, goodness and beauty , Spread positive energy !” Li Wei took the camera and said firmly .

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