Taohualun street, Heshan District: inject "gardener green" energy into the front line of epidemic prevention

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taohualun street heshan district inject

Taohualun primary school teachers fill in the form after entering the house

The teachers of No. 16 middle school went into the street stores and lined up

The mobilization meeting of teachers' volunteers for epidemic prevention and control was held

Red net moment Yiyang 8 month 11 - ( correspondent Jiang lini )8 month 10 Noon ,80 I'm from Yiyang No. 16 middle school 、 Longzhou middle school 、 Taohualun primary school 、 Teachers from Yishi affiliated primary school and Longzhou kindergarten gathered in the organ conference room of taohualun street in Heshan District to participate in the mobilization meeting for comprehensive volunteer service , To inject into the epidemic prevention and control of taohualun street in Heshan District “ Gardener green ” energy .

In recent days, , According to the requirements of Yiyang epidemic prevention and control headquarters , Taohualun street in Heshan District quickly started the overall arrangement work . Because it is located in the central urban area , community 、 There are many residential areas , The population base is large 、 The personnel situation is complex , The task of overall arrangement is very arduous . After knowing this , Yiyang No. 16 middle school 、 Longzhou middle school 、 Taohualun primary school 、 Yishi affiliated primary school and Longzhou Kindergarten 6 The school actively contacted the street , Many teachers hope to take advantage of their holidays to participate in voluntary service for epidemic prevention and control , Contribute to the epidemic prevention and control of Yiyang City .

At the mobilization meeting , Xie yaxun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of taohualun sub district, Heshan District, Yiyang City, thanked the teachers who participated in voluntary service activities , And told teachers to do a good job in personal protection , First ensure your own safety . After a short job training ,80 More than teachers were assigned to the streets 8 A community , Carry out household arrangement work with street community staff . After arriving at the post, the teachers quickly threw themselves into the tense and comprehensive arrangement work , They arranged according to the community , Not afraid of the heat 、 No fear of risk , Actively go deep into each community 、 Knock on the door in residential areas , Assist the street community to complete the personnel information arrangement registration . In order to ensure the health, safety and smooth development of the volunteer team of teachers , Street emergency deployment mask 、 Alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials 1000 More than , Customize Street epidemic prevention and control work permits for teachers and volunteers 100 Yuzhang , Provide strong guarantee for teachers' Voluntary Service . As of 5:30 this afternoon , The teacher volunteer team has assisted in the touch up 500 Yuhu , Manually enter 1000 More than epidemic prevention messages . In the next few days , The volunteer team of teachers will also continue to go deep into the streets , use “ Gardener green ” Defend the jurisdiction “ Healthy green ”.

“ Teaching and educating people is our main job , Bearing social responsibility is our basic quality of being a teacher . Epidemic prevention and control is the common responsibility of the whole society , Being able to participate in the comprehensive volunteer service of epidemic prevention is also another responsibility and responsibility of our educators to the society .” Zhang Xuewen, principal of taohualun primary school in Heshan District, Yiyang City, said .

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