Remote control car running mountain? Seriously affect the driving safety of other vehicles

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remote control car running mountain

[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , A wechat chat record is hot on the Internet , A picture and some videos are attached . Its main content is in the north of Lianhuachi village, Fanqi Road, Huairou, Beijing 3 Kilometers near huacaoxiang post station , Someone is operating a suspected engine in a moving car RC Remote control car ( adopt 2.4GHz A model car remotely controlled by a radio remote control , abbreviation RC Car) Driving on the road .

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The video shows , Because the remote control vehicle is artificially controlled, it occupies the middle of the lane and constantly changes its route , As a result, the motorcycle driver almost came into contact with the electric remote control vehicle when overtaking the slow moving vehicle and driving back to the lane . Then the driver and co driver of the vehicle had a dispute with the motorcycle driver .

Through the above , We look for relevant regulations , according to 《 Road Traffic Safety Law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 31 : Unauthorized , No unit or individual may occupy roads to engage in non traffic activities .

Article 89 : Pedestrians 、 Passengers 、 Non motor vehicle drivers violate road traffic safety laws 、 Regulations on road traffic , A warning or a fine of not less than 5 yuan but not more than 50 yuan ; The non motor vehicle driver refuses to accept the penalty of fine , Can detain their non motor vehicles .

Article 90 : The motor vehicle driver violates the road traffic safety law 、 Regulations on road traffic , A warning or a fine of not less than 20 yuan but not more than 200 yuan . There are other provisions in this law , Punish according to regulations . More progress on the event , We will continue to pay attention .( compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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