Ring the bell! Ideal car becomes the second new force to return to Hong Kong stocks

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ring bell ideal car second

[ Car home industry ]  8 month 12 Japan , With the ideal car executives ringing the bell , Ideal car officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Company issue 1 Million shares , Price per share 118 The Hong Kong dollar , Ticker 2015.HK.

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In the prospectus , Ideal automobile plans to use the net funds raised from the global sale to develop high-voltage pure electric vehicle technology 、 Platform and future models 、 Intelligent vehicle and automatic driving technology 、 In the future, there will be more electric models ; Expand capacity 、 Expand retail stores and delivery and service centers 、 Launch high-power charging network 、 Marketing and promotion ; Working capital and other general corporate purposes .

Public offering stage , The ideal car won 5.5 Double subscription , The final number of offer shares allocated to the public offering is 1000 Thousands of stocks , Of the total number of offer shares 10%.

 Ideal car Ideal ONE 2021 paragraph An extension 6 A version of the

Ideal ONE( Parameters | inquiry )』

according to the understanding of , The ideal car uses “ Dual listing ” Return to Hong Kong stocks , This allows the ideal to make further use of land resources .

Previously, the ideal car was announced ,7 A total of... Will be delivered in the whole month 8589 Vehicles , For the first time in history, the monthly delivery volume exceeded 8000 car , Year on year growth in deliveries 251.3%, rose 11.4%.

2018 Year to 2020 year , Ideal cars recorded annual net losses respectively 15 RMB 100 million 、24 Million dollars 1.517 One hundred million yuan (2310 Thousands of dollars ), The net loss in the first quarter of this year reached 3.6 One hundred million yuan (5490 Thousands of dollars ), About% of the loss in the same period last year 7710 Ten thousand yuan 4.7 times . The total revenue in the first quarter was 35.8 One hundred million yuan (5.457 Billion dollars ), Year-on-year growth 319.8%.( writing / Car home Cheng Gong )

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