Join hands with Jingdong finance to push "tick white note"

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join hands jingdong finance push

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Car house found ticking travel App After the update ,“ There is “ Tick white bar , First ride, then pay , Just enjoy the discount ” New content of . It is reported that , Ticking away App Use a free ride 、 Taxi business payment link , Users can use Jingdong white slip to pay , And enjoy a certain discount .

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As report goes ,“ Tick white bar ” It is a joint credit payment product jointly launched by Dida travel and JD Finance , At present, it is in the test stage of some areas , As a user, I'm taking a ride 、 One of the payment channels used in taxis , The payment channel can be used by passengers to make payment . at present , The two sides have not cooperated in other aspects . It is reported that Dida travel is still in the diversion stage in the financial layout , Don't have a payment license like didi . At the same time, in addition to the white note of cooperation with JD , Ticking away App There are also other financial service platforms on .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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