In July, the sales volume of automobile enterprises was top 10: the gap between the north and the south of the independent super Japanese system was widened

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july sales automobile enterprises gap

( The original title :7 Monthly sales volume of automobile enterprises TOP 10: Autonomous solar system , The gap between the north and the South will widen )

recently , The Federation issued 7 In June, the wholesale sales of passenger cars in a narrow sense . The sales data shows ,7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of passenger cars in a narrow sense was 150.7 Thousands of cars , fell 8.7%, a 2019 Year on year decline 1%. According to the analysis of the Federation of passengers , In recent months, the wholesale sales of narrow passenger cars have decreased , It is still caused by the widespread chip shortage in the industry . however , Due to the strong toughness of the industrial chain , It can effectively resolve the pressure caused by the shortage of chips , Turn disadvantage into advantage , Significant growth has been achieved , The supply gap of joint venture brand parts is large , The overall market share has decreased .

In the new situation of chip shortage , The ranking of wholesale sales volume of passenger car manufacturers in a narrow sense has also changed compared with the past ,7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of narrow passenger car manufacturers TOP 10 There are two major trends in the auto enterprises of : One 、 The overall strength of independent auto enterprises , Head car prices are like geely and changan Both entered the top three ; Two 、 The mainstream joint venture car enterprises declined as a whole , Germany and Japan are under some pressure .

Independent strengthening : geely 、 Chang'an is among the top three

In the context of chip shortage , The head car enterprises of independent brands have ushered in a strong development momentum . stay 7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of narrow passenger car manufacturers TOP 10 in , Geely and Chang'an are both finalists in the top three , Ranked second and third respectively .

Geely 7 Monthly sales volume is 9.9 Thousands of cars , With the first faw - The public 10 Compared with the monthly sales of 10000 vehicles , The gap is very small . Geely is able to compete with FAW in terms of volume - Against the masses , Not only in its original Star models, such as Bo Yue Parameters picture )、 emgrand And so can continue to sell well , It's still in CMA High end series “ Chinese star ” Gradually grow into the main force of sales . data display , Xingrui The more stars S The more stars L Three models 7 Monthly sales volume is 1.8 Thousands of cars , The first hot selling momentum , But considering the star L and The more stars S It's just coming on the market , The backlog of orders in the early stage has not been fully released , So next “ Star Series ” There will be more room for growth . in addition , Link and geometry brands 7 Monthly sales have increased in varying degrees , Also contribute some increment to Geely .

Geely brand CMA High end series “ Chinese star ”; Picture source : Geely

Changan Automobile has been developing rapidly this year , It has been squeezed into the top three in the monthly sales of narrow passenger cars for many times .7 In January, the monthly sales volume of Changan Automobile was 9.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 13.2%. Most of this sales volume is made up of CS75 Series and Escaping From a series of contributions . According to the official data provided by Chang'an Automobile ,CS75 The series has been continuous 16 Break through... In the next month 2 Thousands of cars , The escape series is now basically stable at more than 10000 . in addition ,UNI With the enrichment of its products , It has become the successor of Chang'an CS75 The third major vehicle series after the series and escape series . According to a source , With UNI A hot sale of the series , Chang'an may become an independent high-end brand , Although this matter has not received a clear response from Chang'an Automobile , However, the industry believes that it is common in independent brands “ Rush high ” Under the background of , changan UNI Series from high-end product series to high-end brand , Or just a matter of time .

Except Geely and Chang'an , Finalists from independent brands 7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of narrow passenger car manufacturers TOP 10 The other two car companies are Chery and great wall . To be sure , Chery car 7 Monthly sales reached 7.6 Thousands of cars , Year on year growth of up to 60.3%, stay 7 In June, the ranking in the wholesale sales volume of narrow passenger car manufacturers was also determined by 6 The ninth place of the month rose to the seventh .

Chery's car sales soared again , It is still the result of multi brand operation . among , Chery brand passenger cars , Tiggo or dingle 8 It's an absolute sales responsibility , The second is Ariza 5. Chery's jietu has officially become an independent brand from the previous product series , Now, there are two product lines under JetBlue Rapid way X70 and Rapid way X90 Is a major sales contributor , The total monthly sales of the two series of products are basically stable at more than 10000 units . however , As a high-end brand of Chery , The market performance is mediocre . However , Chery new energy's sales have risen sharply this year , data display , This year, 1-7 month , The cumulative sales volume of Chery's new energy products is 4.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 212.5%.

chery Little ant Accumulated sales in the first half of the year 30,674 platform , growth 215.2%; Picture source : Chery car

Great Wall Motor's passenger cars 7 Monthly sales reached 7.4 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 28.2%. Now , Except the Great Wall pickup , Great Wall's four brands focus on the field of passenger cars , They are Harvard 、WEY、 Euler 、 tanks .7 month , The sales volume of haver brand is 5.7 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 20.4%, among The harvard H6 Contributed to 2.6 Thousands of cars . Although harvard H6 The position of is still the pillar in the Harvard brand system , but Harvard big dog Harvard Red Rabbit Harvard's first love And other products , Greatly broadened Harvard SUV The product boundary of , Bring more personalized choices to users .

Joint ventures are down : Japan is cautious , The German department is worried

7 month , The sales volume of joint venture car enterprises fell again . From finalists 7 In June, the wholesale sales volume of narrow passenger car manufacturers TOP 10 From the perspective of automobile enterprises , North and south people 7 Monthly sales have declined significantly , And the gap in volume between the two is still large . among , faw - The public 7 In sales 10 Thousands of cars , fell 40.9%; Shanghai Volkswagen 7 Monthly sales volume is 7 Thousands of cars , fell 47.8%. Insiders point out , The gap between the north and the South has widened , The fundamental reason lies in FAW - Volkswagen has Audi “ Backing up ”, Because luxury brands still have strong market potential under the trend of consumption upgrading , in addition , In the entry-level market , jetta Is obviously better than Skoda , These two factors are superimposed , Make FAW - VW's overall performance exceeds that of SAIC Volkswagen .

Actually , For Volkswagen brands , There is no doubt that electrification is its main direction in the future . At this stage , Both the north and the South have introduced ID. Series models , However, the user acceptance of these products in the Chinese market is not high , For example, it was introduced into the Chinese market earlier ID.4 X and ID.4 CROZZ The highest monthly sales volume is only 2000 More than a . Next , How to improve the market share of electric vehicles in China , It is a difficult problem in front of the public .

ID.4 Two models of the series ; Picture source : Volkswagen

In addition to the north and south, the public continued to walk “ Downhill road ” Outside , The Japanese system, which has always been stable in the market, has begun to “ Stall ”.7 month , Dongfeng Nissan's sales volume is 8.7 Thousands of cars , fell 13.5%. Now , It is still... That carries the banner of Dongfeng Nissan's sales Xuanyi . Often exceed 4 Million monthly sales , Let Xuanyi become the envy of many competitors , But for Dongfeng Nissan, there are also “ It's hard to grow a single tree into a forest ” The risk of .7 month , Dongfeng Nissan has launched a new generation Qi jun , This model can be regarded as a heavy product launched by Dongfeng Nissan this year , Naturally, we also place a lot of hopes , But because the new generation Qijun is equipped with a three cylinder engine , Therefore, the industry is not very optimistic about its future performance .

In the absence of core 、 Under a series of uncertain factors such as epidemic situation , Toyota, which has always been cautious, adopted a conservative strategy step by step . Under this strategy , North South Toyota 7 Monthly average has achieved positive growth , This can be called a share in the joint venture brands with the following main melody “ Warm current ”. This year, , Despite many threats to the market environment , But Toyota still launched a product offensive in the Chinese market , Asian lion RAV4 Rong Fang Shuangqing E+、 The new fourth generation highlander And other products have been steadily promoted , Plus an crown Soon to be launched after the transition to an independent brand Crown Lu Fang , These products will help Toyota strengthen its competitiveness in different market segments , So as to further enhance its market share in China .

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