Rivian, an electric vehicle company invested by Amazon, is considering building a new plant in Texas for $5 billion

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rivian electric vehicle company invested

Sina science and Technology News Beijing time. 8 month 12 Morning news , As report goes , Documents from Fort Worth, Texas, show , Amazon backed electric car company Rivian Consider investing at least 50 Billion dollars to build a new car factory near the city .

The factory is called... In the document “ Tra project ”, Expect to 2027 The year will create at least 7500 Jobs , Produce about every year 20 Thousands of cars . A slide of the local economic development department shows , The plant will be located west of Fort Worth , Covers an area of 2000 acres .

According to documents , The minimum annual salary of factory workers is 5.6 Thousands of dollars .

Based in California Rivian In the statement , As part of the competitive process , The company is communicating with many places about the location of its second U.S. plant , But they also added , No final decision has been made yet .

To attract Rivian in , Fort Worth provides it with up to 4.4 Billion dollars in grants and tax relief , Other cities participating in the bidding have also provided substantial discounts .

According to documents :“ Preferential policies are important to the final decision .”

People familiar with the matter previously disclosed , The new factory will include battery production , And is expected to break ground next year .

Rivian It is also considering the construction of a new electric vehicle plant in the east of mesa, Arizona .

tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Once said :“ I suggest they do a good job in the first factory . It is difficult to achieve mass production at an acceptable unit cost .”

People familiar with the matter said , Arizona may still be Rivian Priority site selection , But preferential policies offered elsewhere “ It's really tempting , Especially when you've never done such a big project ”.

As emerging auto companies challenge old auto giants in the field of electric vehicles , The governments of Fort Worth and Texas are also bidding to attract these “ New forces building cars ”.

Tesla, an electric car maker, won about... Last year for its new car and battery plant in Austin, Texas 6500 $10000 tax rebate .

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