Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce: it is actively docking and promoting the Xiaomi car making project to settle in Wuhan

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wuhan municipal bureau commerce actively

8 month 12 Daily news :3 month 30 Japan , Xiaomi group announced on the Hong Kong stock exchange that , To establish a wholly-owned subsidiary , Responsible for the smart electric vehicle business . Chairman and chairman of xiaomi group CEO Lei Jun also said on his microblog , Xiaomi intelligent electric vehicle was officially approved . thus , Xiaomi officially announced its entry into the field of car manufacturing .

According to the announcement , The initial investment of the subsidiary of Xiaomi group is 100 RMB 100 million , Is expected in the future 10 Annual investment 100 Billion dollars , Lei Jun will also be the CEO of the smart electric vehicle business .

According to the interface report , In recent days, , Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce passed “ Wuhan message board ” In response to public questions, the channel said , Wuhan Investment Promotion Department has communicated with Xiaomi company in the early stage , At present, it is actively docking with the company and promoting the project to settle in Wuhan . It is reported that , Previously, Xi'an 、 Hefei and others are also interested in Xiaomi's car making project “ Stick out the olive branch ”.

7 month 23 Japan , Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi's public relations department, once released a microblog to respond to market news , About Xiaomi's car not landing in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 The news from Wuhan is not true , All information shall be subject to official disclosure .

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