Zhang Yishan drives a luxury car to travel with beautiful women? Points will be deducted for violating traffic rules, and the co pilot is suspected to be his girlfriend

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zhang yishan drives luxury car

In recent days, , Zhang Yishan went on a hot search again , This time, I was reported by netizens for violating traffic rules , After the news came to light , It quickly aroused heated discussion among netizens .

according to the understanding of , At that time, Zhang Yishan drove a luxury car near the Huanghuacheng reservoir in Beijing , However, Zhang Yishan doesn't know if it's because there are beautiful women sitting next to him , Zhang Yishan drives directly on the red line , After being reported by netizens , Zhang Yishan was fined 100 element , And lose your driver's license 3 branch .

It can be seen from the picture that , Zhang Yishan is dressed in white T T-shirt , Wearing a black hat , The girl next to me seems to be plain , She and Zhang Yishan wear the same white T T-shirt , Straight black hair draped over his shoulders , Looks very young and beautiful . according to the understanding of , Zhang Yishan drove the top luxury car Ferrari that day , Value up to 450 ten thousand , But what everyone cares about most is who the girl next to him is .

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