Zhao Benshan's grandson Zhang Yaosun video mourns Yu Yuexian. His father Zhang Xiaoguang also died in a car accident

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zhao benshan grandson zhang yaosun

August 11 , Zhang Yao posted a video to remember Yu Yuexian . This video is Zhang Yao and Yu Yuexian together in 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 As a mother and son in . Zhang Yao's essay “ I can remember the scenes of acting with you , The mother in the play , Forever mother !”

At that time, Zhang Yao was almost as tall as Yu Yuexian , Yu Yuexian's role in the play is also very good-looking . I didn't expect that my former children had grown up , Yu Yuexian died unexpectedly . What makes Zhang Yao feel sad is , The mother in the play , Real life father Zhang Xiaoguang , All died in a car accident .

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