179800 new models of Datong D90 Pro have been sold to the market

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new models datong d90 pro

[ Car home new ]  recently , SAIC Maxus has officially announced that it is aiming at D90 Pro Add four special edition models , The price is 17.98-19.98 Ten thousand yuan . These special editions are based on the name of the gasoline version, mainly providing more choices in the form of seats .

2021 Fund Datong D90 Pro Special edition guide price
models The price is ( Ten thousand yuan )
Two drive elite Special Edition 6 seat (2+2+2) 17.98
Two drive elite Special Edition 7 seat (2+2+3) 17.98
4WD elite Special Edition 6 seat (2+2+2) 19.98
4WD elite Special Edition 7 seat (2+2+3) 19.98

 Saic chase Saic chase MAXUS D90 Pro 2021 paragraph 2.0T Diesel 4WD Alashan version 6 seat

The special edition launched this time is based on the entry-level elite model , The change is reflected in the seat layout , Respectively increased 2+2+2 Six seats and 2+2+3 Seven seat layout , Selling price and 5 Keep up with the elite version .

 Saic chase Saic chase MAXUS D90 Pro 2021 paragraph 2.0T Diesel 4WD Alashan version 6 seat

2021 paragraph D90 Pro There is no significant change in design , As a medium and large-scale non load-bearing body structure SUV product , This car has a tough appearance , The whole vehicle design is full of muscle . In terms of size , Its length, width and height are respectively 5005/1932/1875mm, The wheelbase is 2950mm.

 Saic chase Saic chase MAXUS D90 Pro 2020 paragraph 2.0T Diesel 4WD Lop Nur version 6 seat

Interior design , The car will be available in a variety of colors and styles , And embellish some details . Although it is a hardline SUV models , However, the technology configuration such as full LCD instrument and large central control screen will not fall .

Dynamic part , The new models are equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged gasoline engine , The maximum power is 218 horsepower (160 kw ), Peak torque is 350 cattle ・ rice . In terms of transmission system, ZF 8 Speed automatic transmission . Official data show , The approach angle and departure angle of the vehicle are 28/25 degree , The minimum ground clearance is 210mm, The maximum wading depth is 800mm.( writing / Car home haohappy )

 The sale 17.98 All the chase D90 Pro New models are on the market Car home
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