Rivian, a Tesla electric vehicle manufacturer, plans to invest $5 billion to build a plant in Texas

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rivian tesla electric vehicle manufacturer

【TechWeb】8 month 12 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Tesla's super factory in Austin, Texas , Since last year 7 Since its confirmation in January, it has been under rapid construction , A building has been basically completed , A large number of internal equipment have been put in place , Production testing will begin as soon as this week Model Y.

The latest reports from foreign media show that , After Tesla , Texas is expected to usher in another large-scale electric vehicle manufacturing plant . Tesla competitors 、 The second largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States Rivian, They are considering building their second vehicle manufacturing plant in Texas .

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Rivian It plans to invest and build a plant in Texas , It's the Economic Development Department of Fort Worth, Texas , Revealed at the City Council on Monday night local time , At the meeting, they revealed the most suitable place to build the factory .

however , Fort Worth is just Rivian Potential locations for plant construction , The final site selection has not been determined .Rivian Also told the foreign media , They are currently discussing a number of potential plant sites , No final decision has been made ,Rivian Nor did it disclose the most likely location of the plant .

although Rivian The final location of the plant has not been finalized , But from the relevant documents ,Rivian Our factory , It is most likely to be built from the center of Fort Worth 12 miles ( about 19 km )、 near Walsh Ranch An area of about 2000 acres ( about 12140 mu ) On the land of .

Officials from the Economic Development Department of Fort Worth also revealed in their introduction , To build a factory ,Rivian Will invest 50 Billion dollars ,2025 There will be... Years ago 1875 Employees ,2026 Increased to 3750 name ,2027 The year will reach 7500 name , The average annual salary for all positions is 5.6 Thousands of dollars .

Rivian Founded on 2009 year , Is an electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Irvine, California , The models launched include R1T and R1S, Among them, electric pickup truck R1T It is planned to start delivery in the next few months .

In this year 1 month ,Rivian Completed a round 26.5 Billion dollar financing , Estimated to be 276 Billion dollars , from T. Rowe Price Lead investment , Amazon, an e-commerce giant, and Ford, an auto maker, are also involved .Rivian Also considering listing and financing , This year, 5 It was reported that , They seek to 700 $100 million valuation IPO.

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