The market value of ideal automobile on the first day of listing was 19.2 billion yuan

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market value ideal automobile day

8 month 12 Japan , Ideal auto Hong Kong stocks broke in the first day of trading , By the end of time , Current share price 117 The Hong Kong dollar , Issue price 118 The Hong Kong dollar / stocks , Current market value 2392 Million Hong Kong dollars , Is equivalent to 1992 One hundred million yuan .

It is reported that , Ideal car announced total releases 1 Billion companies A Class A Common Stock , The stock code is 2015. Ideal automobile plans to use the net funds raised from the global sale to develop high-voltage pure electric vehicle technology 、 Platform and future models 、 Intelligent vehicle and automatic driving technology 、 In the future, there will be more electric models ; Expand capacity 、 Expand retail stores and delivery and service centers 、 Launch high-power charging network 、 Marketing and promotion ; Working capital and other general corporate purposes .