Ideal auto Hong Kong shares broke on the first day of listing, with a current market value of HK $240.7 billion

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ideal auto hong kong shares

【TechWeb】8 month 12 Daily news , Ideal car officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today , The opening price is at the same level as the issue price , It fell below the issue price . By the end of time , Ideal car stock price 117.3 The Hong Kong dollar , Lower than the issue price 0.59%, Market value 2407 Million Hong Kong dollars .


The prospectus shows , The ideal car is in 2019-2020 The annual revenue is 2.84 Million dollars 94.57 One hundred million yuan , It's growing fast . But we can't turn around the losses for the time being ,2018 Year to 2020 year , The ideal car net losses are 15 RMB 100 million 、24 Million dollars 1.517 One hundred million yuan , The net loss in the first quarter of this year reached 3.6 One hundred million yuan .

Ideal car forecast , This year's net loss will continue to expand , Because we need to continue to invest in the research and development of new models and automatic driving solutions in the future , And expand production 、 Sales and after-sales service network .