Tesla plans to produce five new versions of model y in Shanghai Super factory for export

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tesla plans produce new versions

【TechWeb】8 month 12 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Tesla has applied to the Chinese government , Ready to produce... At its Shanghai Super factory 5 A new version of Model Y, Some of these models will be sold in the Chinese market , Others are expected to be exported to other markets .


this 5 Two different versions Model Y Include : Two paragraphs Model Y Long range version , One of them adopts domestic motor and 78.4kWh The battery pack , The other adopts imported motor and 76.8kWh The battery pack ; Two paragraphs Model Y Standard renewal , They are equipped with 60kWh The battery pack , One of them adopts domestic motor , The other adopts imported motor ; a Model Y Performance High-performance version , This product is equipped with 78.4kWh The battery .

Foreign media reported that , Tesla will be able to produce different versions of products for different markets around the world , At the same time, it can still meet the needs of China's domestic market .

This year, 7 End of month , Tesla revealed , Thanks to the strong demand in the US local market and the optimization of the global average cost , The company has completed the transformation of Shanghai Super factory as a major automobile export center .

It is reported that , Tesla has begun to accept... In Europe Model Y Bookings for . As the media reported before , The first batch delivered to Europe Model Y Will be produced at Tesla's Shanghai Super factory , And shipped from Shanghai to Europe .

Now , Foreign media said , The first Model Y It should arrive at European ports this week , Some customers have received their vehicle identification numbers (VIN) And delivery date .

With the growth of global demand for Tesla cars , Tesla seems to be paying special attention to its latest models Model Y. CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Express ,Model Y It will eventually become Tesla's best-selling electric vehicle , The car's sales are likely to surpass many gasoline powered competitors .( Little fox )

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