Experience a large man with 380tsi and a length of more than 5.1m, and the gas field is not inferior to the luxury brand

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experience large man 380tsi tsi

Cars come into life , Choose the car that suits you best .

hello , Hello everyone , I'm Hongtao. I said the car .

In our domestic market , Medium large scale SUV make a great bit , Because it's big enough , It's more face to drive out , It also ensures sufficient riding space in the car , For example, SAIC Volkswagen tuang , Is a very popular player , And FAW Volkswagen is not willing to fall behind , It has created a product larger than tuon , It is -- Take over the territory , Today, let's take a look at the popular landscape 380TSI 4WD luxury edition Pro, See how powerful it is ?

First, in terms of appearance , Lanjing adopts the latest design language of the family , The front grille is combined with the headlights on both sides through thick chrome plated trim strips , Adds a sense of refinement , It also widens the visual effect , The internal structure of the lamp cavity is very careful , Full LED The light source , But if you want matrix headlights ,380TSI 4WD luxury edition Pro You need extra money to get it .

Lanjing is a car with a length of more than 5.1 A big man of meters , The accurate data of length, width and height is 5152*2002*1795mm, Wheelbase reached 2980mm, Just like that , Even in BMW X5、 Mercedes GLE Other luxury brands SUV In front of , Still have a sense of existence , But Lan Jing is not that tall 、 Awesome look , From the side, it's more like SUV And MPV The combination of , It has a certain cross-border style , Two color body and rear privacy glass , All enhance its sense of grade .

The tail adopts the popular through tail lamp , Bright red LED The light source is very beautiful , It also makes the rear of the car wider , Black surround at the bottom 、 Silver metal shield and double side two-way exhaust , But all we see is chrome decoration , The real exhaust funnel is hidden under the car .

The interior is simple , The color and materials are good ,380TSI 4WD luxury edition Pro Equipped with 12 Inch suspended center panel , Support Networking 、 Speech recognition and control CarPlay、CarLife Interconnection, etc ,10.25 Inch full LCD instrument, the picture is clear and delicate , It can display rich vehicle information , In addition, the leather multifunctional steering wheel has a comfortable grip , With shift and heating function .

It is also equipped with front and rear parking radar 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Multiple driving mode switching 、 Automatic parking 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Openable panoramic skylight 、 Electric induction rear compartment 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Front seat heating 、 Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Rear power seat heating and adjustment, etc , It's very versatile .

Security configuration can also be reassuring , It is equipped with the air bag of the driver's seat and passenger's seat 、 Front and rear side airbags 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Knee airbag 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Active braking and fatigue driving tips .

The inside of the car is 6 A layout , You can also choose 7 Seat layout version , The performance of the second row space is satisfactory , height 1.75 Meters of passengers sit in the third row , Head and leg space is also enough , There will be no crowding and depression , In medium and large scale SUV In the rank , The performance of the third row is already very good .

Full load , The trunk volume is also acceptable in the same level , And according to their own car needs , Put down the third and second rows , The flatness is very high , The self driving tour can directly sleep as a double bed , It's awesome to pull some big items , Very practical .

380TSI 4WD luxury edition Pro Carrying Volkswagen EA888-DKX Four cylinder 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower is 220 horse , The maximum torque is 350 cattle · rice , It's not hard to push this big man , It's quite fast to step on the accelerator deeply , Overtaking can bring confidence to the driver , Matching 7 The gear shift of wet double clutch transmission is active and smooth , However, in case of traffic jam, it will be slightly frustrated when the fuel is collected at low speed .

The chassis adopts the front McPherson 、 Rear multi-link independent suspension , Equipped with full-time 4WD system , I usually drive in the city , The noise in the car is up to standard , The vibration filtering performance of the chassis is OK , Running national highway and high-speed chassis adjustment also have a certain sense of calm , Just passing through speed bumps and potholes , The passengers in the third row will be bumpy .

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