Compared with Beijing BJ30, who is more worth buying Ruihu 7?

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compared beijing bj30 bj worth

With the rise of domestic brands and the continuous reduction of vehicle manufacturing costs , In recent years, many powerful models with people-friendly prices have emerged in the domestic automobile market . And in the compact SUV Chery Ruihu in the field 7 And Beijing BJ30 It has a certain representativeness , Both models belong to the type of good price and sufficient quantity , Therefore, it has been favored by many consumers .

2021 Rui Hu Kuan 7 Super power version in 2021 Listed in the first half of , The new car has a total of two configurations , Price range: 10.99~11.89 Ten thousand yuan .2021 Beijing BJ30 With Ruihu 7 The super power version was launched at the same time , The whole new car has three configurations , Price range: 10.58~12.58 Ten thousand yuan . Today we will choose the guide price as 11.89 Ten thousand yuan 2021 Rui Hu Kuan 7 The price of super hero and super hero is 11.58 Ten thousand yuan 2021 Beijing BJ30 Compare the wolf and the little Ben version , The difference between the two is only 0.31 Ten thousand yuan , Let's take a look at the product power of the two cars .


Chery tiggo or dingle 7 The super energy version of the whole vehicle adopts an exclusive Kit , This includes the highlighted black front grille , Fog lamp areas on both sides, etc , And many parts of the body are treated with bright black . The front of the new car presents a young design style , The shape is in line with the taste of most consumers , The front face of the new car is equipped with large-size trapezoidal medium mesh , The interior divergent decorative panel is very longitudinal from large to small . The new headlight group is closely connected with the China Grid , The lines of the lamp group are sharp and angular , And standard LED Distance light .

Beijing BJ30 Although it belongs to the city SUV, But from Beijing cross-country, it still has a masculine and hard style , Among them, the lines at the front of the new car are relatively rigid , The five hole design of the forward air grille continues the brand characteristics , And the lower part of the front surround is also equipped with three openings , Enrich the design elements of the whole front part . The headlight sets on the left and right sides of the new car are equipped with LED The light source , In addition, the bottom is square LED The shape of the daytime running light area is also very recognizable .

Body size ,2021 Rui Hu Kuan 7 The specific length, width and height of the super energy version are 4500×1842×1746 mm, The wheelbase is 2670mm. The body side lines of this model have a sense of power , The application of the black guard at the bottom also makes the side of the car look very stable . It is worth noting that , The super model is also equipped with red scratch strips and red brake calipers in details , The effect of black and red color contrast is realized .

Beijing BJ30 The specific length, width and height of are 4505×1855×1710 mm, The wheelbase is 2675mm, It has a slight advantage in body length, width and wheelbase level . The side lines of the car are more rigid , In urban type SUV It is rare in .

Tiggo or dingle 7 The design of the tail gives people a younger feeling , The whole tail is round and full , And the design of narrow top and wide bottom has stable visual effect . The tail lamp of this model adopts a through design method , Chery brand logo is located in the middle of the lamp group , The rear surround design is flat , The exhaust adopts double-sided common double outlet layout .

Beijing BJ30 The tail is solid and full , The most eye-catching design element of the rear part belongs to the three hole shape of the rear enclosure , This design echoes the front part of the car , But unfortunately , The vehicle exhaust adopts a hidden layout , It didn't further enhance the sports atmosphere of the whole vehicle .

Interior design

Tiggo or dingle 7 The interior of the super version is in black and red color , Make the whole cockpit look very sporty . The three flat bottomed multifunctional steering wheels in front of the new driver are wrapped with leather fabric , Perforated design is adopted on both sides , Full grip , The shape is also very sporty . The centre console of the new car is equipped with 10.25 Inch suspended central control display screen , In terms of functions, it supports mobile phone Bluetooth and mobile phone interconnection , It is matched by 7 Inch LCD dashboard .

Beijing BJ30 Our interior design focuses on family design language , And have a good sense of science and Technology . The steering wheel of the new car also adopts flat bottom design , But the steering wheel is bulky , Not very friendly to female users . The size of the touch LCD screen equipped on the center console of the vehicle is 10.4 Inch , Compared with Ruihu in terms of function 7 Superheroes lack navigation and traffic information display ,OTA Upgrade, etc. .

2021 Rui Hu Kuan 7 The seats in the super hero car are wrapped with imitation leather fabric , In terms of function, it has two-way adjustment of the height of the driver's seat / Four way adjustment of lumbar support , Electric adjustment of driver's seat and passenger's seat , Front seat heating, etc . The interior filler of the front seat of this model is soft , The backrest wing is more prominent , And the whole backrest fits the human body , It has good wrapping .

Beijing BJ30 The interior seats of wolf Xiaoben version are also wrapped with imitation leather fabric , But in terms of function, compared with Ruihu 7 The super hero lacks the four-way adjustment of the lumbar support of the main driving seat , Co driver's seat electric adjustment , Front seat heating, etc . The front seat surface of this model is relatively wide , The wrapping is slightly insufficient , But the filler is very thick , Have a strong sense of immersion when riding .

Chery tiggo or dingle 7 The performance of the rear row space is very consistent with its own product positioning , More than enough to meet daily household needs . In addition, the rear seats of the car support the ratio of down , The space is very flat after being put down , Don't panic at all when you need to load large goods .

Beijing BJ30 The back of the rear row is straight , And the cushion is too short , Even if the interior filler of the rear seat cushion is softer than that of the front seat , But the comfort is very general .

dynamic system

Tiggo or dingle 7 Super hero power is equipped with 1.6T The engine , Its maximum output power is 197 horsepower , Peak torque is 290 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

Beijing BJ30 The power is equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum output power is 156 horsepower , Peak torque is 230 Cattle meters . Transmission system , What matches it is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Car uncle summary

After reading the detailed introduction of the above two cars , I think you should have a lot of ideas , Among them, Ruihu 7 The super version is more comprehensive in configuration , The space in the car is a surprise , Enough power . Beijing BJ30 The exterior design is enough to pull the wind , The overall design style is more off-road SUV, It is attractive to young consumers . However BJ30 As a pure city SUV, But I want to be with BJ40 par , Both urban and off-road want , The results are not satisfactory , After the listing, the sales performance is dismal , Therefore, from the perspective of practicality and cost performance , Chery tiggo or dingle 7 There is no doubt that it has obvious advantages .

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