Concept is mass production! The tank 300 cyberversion is limited to 3000 units

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concept mass production tank cyberversion

Great Wall Motors is in SUV The achievements in this field are obvious to all , Especially tanks 300 A blockbuster , It shows the strength of Great Wall Motors again . In recent days, , Uncle Che got the tank 300 Application drawing of SEB version mass production model , New cars are on limited sale 3000 platform , Delivery will start in the fourth quarter of this year .

With tanks 300 The difference between ordinary models is , tanks 300 Cyberversion is equipped with many appearance kits , While maintaining the original hard line style , It also adds a lot of science fiction . The specific term , tanks 300 Cyberversion adopts through type daytime running lights , Cooperate with the exaggerated front bumper , The whole car is very tough . in addition , The exterior rearview mirror of a new car 、 The roof 、 The front bumper is decorated with yellow decoration , Looks energetic .

From the tail , tanks 300 The cyberversion is equipped with a tail 、 External spare wheel 、 Large rear bumper , The spare wheel housing is also printed with “Y” Type logo , Very recognizable . From the declaration information , tanks 300 The length, width and height of the cyber version are 4679mm、1967mm、1958mm, Both the width and height exceed that of the ordinary tank 300.

motivation , With a new car 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The transmission system matches 8AT transmission , Maximum output 167kW, Peak torque is 387N·m, The dynamic parameters are no different from those of ordinary models .

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