Develop in cooperation with Volvo! What is Geely CMA super matrix?

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develop cooperation volvo geely cma

As early as 2012 In the autumn , Geely and Volvo decided to develop CMA Super matrix . And then 2013 year 9 month , Geely Automobile and Volvo automobile jointly established the China Europe Automotive Technology Center (China Euro Vehicle Technology, hereinafter referred to as CEVT), and CMA The research and development of super matrix is the key task of the center .

however ,CMA The real birth of the super matrix is 2016 year 10 month 19 Japan , It is dominated by Volvo 、 Geely participates in , The new intermediate vehicle basic module architecture jointly developed by the two .

CMA The super matrix is characterized by the definition of security 、 reliable 、 Three global standards of quality , Mainly in electronic and electrical 、 Chassis and powertrain “ New three big pieces ” Force on , Now it has gone side by side and even partially beyond TNGA、MQB framework , Its late development advantage , Help it build three global structures “ABC” pattern .

CMA The super matrix is for global industry 4.0 Product birth system , It can provide shared solutions for models on different platforms , It is with the help of... In the field of electronic and electrical architecture “ wisdom ” Leading edge ,CMA The super matrix has become beyond Toyota TNGA The rising star of , In terms of key bus data , Adopted FlexRay The bus transmission rate is the same as that of traditional cars CAN Bus 20 times , Make sure CMA The products bred by the super matrix are one step ahead of 5G Time .

It is worth mentioning that ,CMA The super matrix can cover from A Class to B Development needs of different vehicle models at level , Its electronic and electrical architecture can be upward compatible with fast iterative automotive electronic products , Ensure the consistent driving performance of the vehicle , Meet the future 15 The evolution of cars in .

In recent days, , Renault and Geely officially announced the establishment of an innovative partnership , And will focus on cooperation in the field of hybrid vehicles , Cooperation will focus on CMA The super matrix unfolds . geely CMA The birth of the super matrix , Reflects Geely's focus on user needs , Relying on technological innovation , Embrace change , The development strategy of responding to market changes with high-quality development .

For Geely CMA What do you think of super matrix ? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section .

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